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Herne bay or Hastings

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Mrspopper Tue 18-Apr-17 13:05:06

Any views on moving from London to either herne bay/whitstable or Hastings? Have two young children and living in a small house in London. Any experiences? Be as honest as you like we have t made any decisions yet. I'm a Londoner through and through so bit scared! Thanks.

HastingsAdvice151 Tue 18-Apr-17 21:27:11

I grew up in Hastings and moved away a 6 years ago, but still have strong connections to the area and visit regularly due to my mum still living there. I personally would not want to bring up my children there, schools are awful and there is quite a lot of violent crime (man killed over a taxi a few months ago). It's quite deprived and although the old town area looks nice it has a lot of deep-seated issues. I grew up on a council estate in Hastings and it was really rough, I have lived all over since, including deprived areas of London and feel places in Hastings are worse. Mainly as the council doesn't put enough money into looking after the town. That aside, as the schools are really bad that would influence my decision against it massively. Also, It was voted one of the worst places in the country to grow up as a girl, and I do feel there is an underlying culture of sexism too which even my partner commented on when he lived there (he's not from around there).

There's been an influx of people from London moving there and it's pushed the prices up massively which has outpriced lots of the locals (people don't earn much there). A few years ago it was super cheap and this reflected local wages etc. Hastings is apparently an up-and-coming area for people from London, but I think this doesn't reflect the reality of the people living there or what it is actually like.

Sorry to sound so despairing, on the bright side it has a nice new pier and gallery grin

I don't know anything about the other places you mentioned, good luck!

Racheyg Tue 18-Apr-17 23:06:27

I can't comment on Hastings but I grew up in herne bay. I left at 18 as it was boring grin

In other words it's great area for bringing up kids, good schools. The town isn't the greatest and the seafront is a little run down but it's safe and has some great houses with original features ( if you like that sort of thing)

The transport is getting better with more buses going to Canterbury ( I think 4 or 6 and hour) and you can get the train to Victoria non stop in 1 1/2 or Stratford with a change st faversham in 1.20 ( I think)

Most of my friends still live there and some thst moved to London moved back. I think you get a lot of bag for your buck but house prices are rising although I don't think the average wage in the area is great. ( I could be wrong)

TBH I wouldn't move back because I want my kids to have a London upbringing but oh whom is a Londoner wants to move.

Sorry that post seems so long grin hope all goes well

Mrspopper Sun 23-Apr-17 20:12:35

Thank you both.

OneOfTheGrundys Sun 23-Apr-17 20:20:32

I like Herne Bay-good family area with lots going on for children. Nice swimming pool and sailing club. The High St is run down but useful. Great fish shop (Hudsons) and renowned cosy pizzeria (A Casa Mia). Negotiating the Kent test is horrific ime however Herne Bay High is roundly popular I think. You'll get a lot for your money too.

Not much for teens but then I'd say that's probably the case in 90% of the country. wink

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