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Where to move after London

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Platinummongoose Tue 18-Apr-17 00:25:58

My husband and I are looking to move out of London now that our twin 2 year olds are nearing school age. I'm American and have only lived in London since I moved to the UK ten years ago.

For those of you who moved out- how did you decide where to go?

We're debating between St Albans and Hitchin as they're both commutable to London and not too far from grandparents in Bury St. Edmunds.

Part of me feels like we should stay in London but then I remember how much I enjoyed the freedom of growing up in a calm place.

I'd love to read any tips or insights. Thank you smile

StrumpersPlunkett Tue 18-Apr-17 00:38:03

Do you need to work in London?

highinthesky Tue 18-Apr-17 00:39:25

Homes in Hitchen are like gold dust! If you can find one, go for it!

sunnysouthend Tue 18-Apr-17 08:17:33

I'm moving out right now to be near grandparents and get more space. If you're commutable to London then you can come in with kids for the cultural benefits still, but without living full time with the pollution and overcrowding. That's my logic anyway.

Having visited grandparents over easter holiday I am confident that we'll enjoy a quieter lifestyle a lot.

Do you get on well with in laws? Will it be a bonus for you to be nearer to them? I think it always is a bonus for kids.

StrumpersPlunkett Tue 18-Apr-17 09:05:25

This website may be of use.
You put in where you need to be for work and the time you are prepared to travel and it churns out options.
Cambridge is an awesome city if you can get over pricing. Great train to London and 25 min to Bury St Edmunds

loveka Tue 18-Apr-17 09:31:59

We moved to Epsom 18 years ago and loved it! Close to M25, 38 minutes to Waterloo and you nearly always get a seat.
Beautiful countryside on your doorstep but a thriving town.

However, it seems north would be better for you? I have friends who moved to St Albans and they love it!

Further out Horsham is gorgeous! Also Lewes. But obviously a longer commute.

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