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Front door and garage door colour

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Surpriseeggsforbreakfast Mon 17-Apr-17 15:48:35

We are getting a new garage door fitted and will be repainting the front door as well. We live in a 3 bed semi detached house and I'd quite like to have a bright colour for the front door but maybe a neutral grey for the garage and side gate. Does that sound ok or should they be the same colour?

Miniwookie Mon 17-Apr-17 23:11:21

What age/colour/style is your house. Is the garage door in line with the front door or set back?

Surpriseeggsforbreakfast Tue 18-Apr-17 07:10:26

It's a Victorian house and the garage is in line with the house. I'll try and find a photo of a similar house.

Surpriseeggsforbreakfast Tue 18-Apr-17 07:28:31

This house is similar although our garage is single

wowfudge Tue 18-Apr-17 07:43:24

I'd leave the garage door if you have white painted render and just paint the front door. The while garage door unifies things.

Surpriseeggsforbreakfast Wed 19-Apr-17 14:28:21

I'd quite like to paint the door in this colour or bright yellow.

Miniwookie Thu 20-Apr-17 07:52:54

I would do the front door a bright colour and do the garage door to match your sofits/fascias/guttering (assuming they are a neutral colour) so that your house doesn't look too busy with too many colours.

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