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Tiles for my new kitchen, help me choose, I am really struggling.

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ditavonteesed Sun 16-Apr-17 12:24:57

Kitchen is getting fitted next week, I have chosen everything but the tiles I am struggling so much. I have only found a couple that I like and I can;t decide so am likely at this rate to end up with white metro tiles.

So far I have plain off white kitchen, grey oak floor, black glitter work top, large blue smeg fridge and the centre piece is this cooker which is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.

So tiles? I am between super fancy maybe a bit too much. just a slightly less impressive version and spotty dotty current favourite but I can;t work out for the life of me how much that will come out at as I need about 4m2.
Anyway I would love some opinions. ta smile x

DeathByMascara Sun 16-Apr-17 12:29:07

Spots, definitely!

olderthanyouthink Sun 16-Apr-17 12:33:27

I'm not a massive fan of any of them but I think the first one (tools tiles)

MrsJayy Sun 16-Apr-17 12:33:36

Oh the spots I like that Btw your oven is a beautiful beautiful thing grin

MrsJayy Sun 16-Apr-17 12:36:45

Actually changed my mind i prefer the second choice.tbh it took me 3 weeks to choose my kitchen tiles so what do I know

AmysTiara Sun 16-Apr-17 12:37:16

That oven and a blue SMEG fridge shock

Please post a picture when it's all finished. It will look absolutely amazing. Im jealous.

KoalaDownUnder Sun 16-Apr-17 12:40:05

I think the spots - the other two might clash with your cooker. Although I do like the first (not really the second).

So bloody jealous of that cooker AND a smeg fridge!!! envy

KoalaDownUnder Sun 16-Apr-17 12:40:55

Cross-posted with Amy - great minds think alike grin

ditavonteesed Sun 16-Apr-17 12:49:32

grin the cooker and fridge are my dream, I never thought I would have them. They are a gift to myself from my lovely grandma who loved to come round for roast dinners when she was still with us. I think she would approve.
I will definatly never be moving house that much is for sure.

Scrubba Sun 16-Apr-17 12:49:36

Where is that cooker from?
Want want want 😲 and I might be in the market for a new range as the house I'm buying currently can't decide if they're taking theirs or not yet.
Coincidence? I think it's fate.

ditavonteesed Sun 16-Apr-17 12:52:28

its a smeg, just from currys.

Bluntness100 Sun 16-Apr-17 13:00:30

What about a pink and blue tile that matches the colours in the fridge and cooker? You might not like floral but maybe get the basic idea, that way you tie it all together.

ditavonteesed Sun 16-Apr-17 13:04:33

bluntness they are amazing

MrsJayy Sun 16-Apr-17 13:04:38

Aww that brought a tear to my eye I am sure your grandma would approve ☺

ditavonteesed Sun 16-Apr-17 13:36:54

Now I am in love with this skull girl how about plain white with a couple of these dotted about, too silly?
I run the risk of never being able to decide on anything at this rate.

Bluntness100 Sun 16-Apr-17 13:37:19

You could do a centre piece or splash back of something like that and then pick a plain colour for the rest, i.e. The baby blue to match fridge, cream to make it neutral or the pink to match your cooker. It's really how imaginative you wish to be,,,

Semaphorically Sun 16-Apr-17 13:46:17

What about a printed splashback? You can get glass or acrylic ones, like this?

Bluntness100 Sun 16-Apr-17 13:46:28

Skull girl is very cool indeed...😁

ditavonteesed Sun 16-Apr-17 13:47:34

mog that splashback, I'm in love.

Bluntness100 Sun 16-Apr-17 13:48:47

Ooh the cherries are gorgeous,,,

ditavonteesed Sun 16-Apr-17 13:52:09

right cherries above cooker and plain white metro tiles everywhere else I think. Will run it past dh. smile

Katz Sun 16-Apr-17 14:00:37

I have a similar dilemma with our kitchen.

Have you looked at this website. They have these which is like you first choice

TheFirstMrsDV Sun 16-Apr-17 15:42:08

I have been alerted to this thread.
I too have a pink range cooker.

We should start a club grin

MrsJayy Sun 16-Apr-17 15:48:51

We need a cooker off grin

TheFirstMrsDV Sun 16-Apr-17 16:08:33

Mine is slightly lighter and I suspect slightly less posh

I just went for off white metro for a retro look but I like the idea of scattered bonkers tiles here and there.

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