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venys Fri 14-Apr-17 22:14:19

Hi all, getting fed up with my house as I can never find enough people to do comparison quotes for any of the many jobs in our house. For some reason no matter what the job or material price, it is £1200 for a few hours work for a couple of guys!! Latest is replacement uPVC window approx 1200mm x 900mm, couple of openings, lead work, fire and child resistant hinges, FENSA assured, rubbish removal for £850 Inc VAT or £1200 Inc VAT to also replace 5 hinges on other windows (about £100 worth of parts I would say). Seems a bit excessive to me (especially compared to price of other window we had installed as part of bigger works) but the guy says he needs to charge a whole days work..So 1 window is not very cost effective. Would you accept this?

venys Fri 14-Apr-17 22:56:04

Actually maybe it's about right. I was expecting about £450-£500 for the fitted window, but the FENSA, rubbish removal and VAT push up the price by a lot. Doesn't make me any less fed up as the house is a complete PITA and I hate does not work for us at all..

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