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Neighbours tore down my trellis this morning...

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Fencetroubles Fri 14-Apr-17 10:45:52

My neighbours fence was only waist height so I put up 6ft trellis on my side for privacy, through this grew dense planting to screen out their garden. This morning they're having their fence replaced and they've torn down & thrown away my trellis too! All the greenery has also gone.

Separately, the previous owners (their side) planted a tree against their fence. The tree grew so much that it's roots have lifted the concrete base their shed stands on (immediately adjacent) and it's moved over into my garden a bit. Also the tree trunk is now so large that they can't put a new fence up behind it (on my land) so they're going to fence up to it either side. But this means I now have part of their tree encroaching on my garden & I'm not happy about it. Am I being unreasonable? They never consulted me about this & I'm a bit pissed.

Logolphin Fri 14-Apr-17 10:57:12

Was the trellis attached to their fence or on posts in your garden? Did they go into your garden? Whose boundary? Do you at least have a lovely tall fence now? grin

They should have spoken to you before they changed the fence.

lljkk Fri 14-Apr-17 11:02:13

Wow. Just shock
Just been replacing our fences in collaboration with neighbours & it's all very congenial. Helping each other out with the concrete posts etc.

Do you rent or own your property? Who owns the boundary on your joint side? Can't believe they didn't even consult you!!

Fencetroubles Fri 14-Apr-17 11:10:15

The trellis was my trellis on my own posts inside my garden, independent of their rotten fence. Their fence was so rotten is was propped up by my trellis. The fence was theirs and I'm more than happy for them to replace it with whatever they want but I'm narked at the damage. I've also found out they intended to attach the start & finish of their new fence to my existing concrete posts. I've just told their workers they can't and they have to fix their own fence independently of mine. The owners are off on holiday! I am an owner occupier not a renter.

Also, as things stand now, they can't actually fix one end of their fence to a post within their own land, their shed & concrete slab underneath have been pushed onto my side by the enormous tree roots.

wowfudge Fri 14-Apr-17 11:12:11

This is why you should always speak to your neighbours before you do this kind of thing, whether it's attaching trellis or replacing the fence. If plants in your garden have been damaged OP then they should be compensating you.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Fri 14-Apr-17 12:22:13

She didn't attach the trellis to her neighbour's fence, though @wowfudge - she used her own posts - presumably within her own garden - so the neighbours had no right whatsoever to take it down.

@Fencetroubles - how well do you get on with them normally? Could you go round and ask how they intend to replace your trellis, and what they are going to do about the incursion of their tree into the garden? Maybe a letter might be easier?

lljkk Fri 14-Apr-17 12:43:57

I'm thinking damage limitation. What else can they get wrong or screw up in your garden. No owners (when back from hols?) but you can talk to the workers and they just want an easy life (probably) so I'd be talking to them about NO TOUCH my stuff quite sternly.

I am trying to figure out how you can deal with this satisfactorily without involving a solicitor.

wowfudge Fri 14-Apr-17 13:14:04

My post crossed with the OP's. If that is the case then go and ask for it back and to be reinstated!

Veterinari Fri 14-Apr-17 13:17:18

Is it possible, as your n ifhbours are away that they don't know what's happened?

Take photos of everything. Speak to the builders/Gardner and tell them clearly that you want it rectified asap

sn1ce Fri 14-Apr-17 13:17:38

Whose responsibility is this boundary?

Logolphin Fri 14-Apr-17 16:16:27

In a way this is easier as you need only deal with the contractors (and hopefully will not have a neighbour dispute to declare in the future).

The contractors have damaged your property, therefore they must replace the trellis, posts and plants/or cover the cost of another company replacing them. Tell them you hold them as a company responsible and will take them to court if they don't rectify the problem immediately. Hopefully they are a respectable company who won't want any adverse publicity.

OrangeFluff Fri 14-Apr-17 19:10:21

Yes hopefully this is a mistake by the contractors and your neighbours will be horrified. They should replace your trellis and plants.

venys Fri 14-Apr-17 23:06:05

I would say it's probably the contractors and not the neighbours. I have seen various contractors do some stupid shit. Not helped they are not being supervised by the neighbours. (But to be fair they might not have even thought about some of the details like the tree before they hired these people). Can you ring your neighbours to discuss? Any way you can get a tree surgeon to cut the offending tree down first? Either way you need to come up with a solution to your trellis!!

Astro55 Fri 14-Apr-17 23:10:06

They need to replace your trellis

What disbtje workmen say? Have you asked them why they've taken it down? Tell them you want it replaced. Take photos of them and their vehicle - if no joy ring the police and get it logged as theft or destruction

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