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Can anyone recommend bathroom fitters (that also paint)

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sadams123 Fri 14-Apr-17 08:17:47

We've got a small flat that needs improving to the bathroom. Bathroom is quite small 3x2m.
We need:
Paint/repair ceiling (paint is mouldy and peeled)
Fix fan extractor ( old one may not as good)
Tile walls and floor
Fit new vanity unit for sink
Take out radiator and fit a towel rail plus other small accessories

Can anyone recommend a professional ? We don't want someone that can do a bit of DIY.

The flat is in Crystal Palace SE19 London

GimbleInTheWabe Fri 14-Apr-17 08:29:37

Ooh I came on here thinking you'd be miles away from me but I, too am in CP!

We're getting our bathroom done in a few weeks and have got a tiler who also decorates coming in and a separate plumber. When are you planning on having yours done? If it's after the first week of May then I can (hopefully!) recommend our guy to you.

We got a quote from the bloke Natale that lots of people recommend but he wanted £1050 just for tiling 2 walls and the floor!!

sadams123 Fri 14-Apr-17 08:46:33

Thank you Gimble
We don't have a set time but the sooner the better. We did speak to one guy named Paul from P&G Construction. He's quoted £1500 for labour (doing all that I listed). I've seen pictures and he seems confident only I can't seem to find many reviews on his work, only one suggestion off Facebook so why I'm here asking for anyone else.

We also need a VAT receipt on the work carried out and a safety certificate for the fan extractor (husband is renting the flat and can get the tax back plus have liability for the electric work) but this fitter is cash only and I doubt he'll be submitting NAPIT for the electric.

Who have you gone with? Natale? Think I've heard of that name.

GimbleInTheWabe Fri 14-Apr-17 09:38:16

Hmm you could always ask for some references? Can you google him and see what comes up?

I found my tiler (he's called Leandro Fernandes, based in sydenham) on a website called MyBuilder where you put in your work and ask certain builders to quote. You can see their photos of their work and reviews. He came out the same day.

Your builders quote doesn't sound totally crazy but def shop around a bit first and get some more quotes. Did you ask on the CP local Facebook page?

sadams123 Fri 14-Apr-17 19:28:49

Yes I got his name from Facebook, but can only see one recommendation on there. Googled and couldn't find anything else.

I also was also recommended Rhodes Plumbing, off fb. Few people mentioned them so gave them a call today, the guy was very keen and friendly, he asked when he could come round. I have to arrange something when it's convenient for the tenant, so maybe next week or after. I also found reviews for Rhodes on checkatrade website so that was reassuring, lots of photos will see what they're quoting. We need some improving to our house so I'm using theses builders as a means of vetting, so if they're any good will def use them again for the in future.
Can I ask where are you getting your bathroom materials? We're not too fussed, so prob having a look in B&Q. I had my bathroom done with them and had no problems with the materials so don't mind going there again this time.
Thanks again, good luck.

GimbleInTheWabe Fri 14-Apr-17 22:28:28

Were getting pretty much all the utilities from Victoria Plum as they have a bit of a sale on atm, but then again so does bloody everywhere! And then tiles from topps tiles, there's one in penge if you dare venture that far ha. Bathroom utilities are totalling about £850 and the tiles will be £550. Might be worth checking out the bathroom websites now whilst there's all the easter sales on but I know storage is probably an issue. Or you could always buy it now and get it delivered at a date close to the time?

Glad you've found someone you like the sound of, now just cross your fingers he doesn't quote an extortionate amount!!

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