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Landlord told us to not take viewings?

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ButtonPatch Thu 13-Apr-17 20:03:43

We've been in our rented home for 7 months
The landlord decided to sell after wed been here for 4 months
My partner just phoned her because she said she might be taking it off the market
But she's told us now that we should ignore the agents and not allow viewings even though she's keeping it on for sale
I'm confused and don't know what to think
Why would she not want viewings but still want to sell

PippaFawcett Thu 13-Apr-17 20:05:52

Does she own it jointly with someone else? Perhaps they want to sell and she doesn't.

ButtonPatch Thu 13-Apr-17 20:08:12

Yeah she's separated from her partner but she said shes wanting to sell because of her financial commitments

PippaFawcett Thu 13-Apr-17 21:19:50

Sounds like there is a lot going on behind the scenes. I would look for somewhere else to live as it sounds unpredictable and I would find that stressful. I realise that might be easier said than done for you. I don't think you have to allow viewings though, which is why many landlords serve notice to their tenants before they put their houses up for sale.

specialsubject Thu 13-Apr-17 21:30:30

It is unlikely to sell with these two arguing!

You don't have to allow any viewings. Tell the agents that and get left alone.

Indaba Fri 14-Apr-17 13:26:34

Would be very surprised if your contract does not allow viewings with proper notice. Most standard contracts allow.

specialsubject Fri 14-Apr-17 14:00:50

Contract doesn't override quiet enjoyment.

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