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Home improvements to 60s house - asbestos, flat roof, etc - any advice appreciated!

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SleepBecomesHim321 Thu 13-Apr-17 16:12:20

We have a 1960s house (SE London) and are considering whether it's worth extending our mortgage to do some works. We'll obviously get quotes and an asbestos survey but, in the interim, I was wondering if anyone here could offer advice.

New boiler/heating system: we're considering this. This would involve getting rid of the existing hot water tank (in airing cupboard) and possibly converting airing cupboard (plus built-in wardrobes it backs onto) into a bathroom. This would mean the existing bathroom could become another bedroom. We think the hot water tank is asbestos (it's coated in a blue layer of something) so assume we'd need to hire a specialist to remove it. Has anyone had this done? Was it very expensive? Did it mean you were without hot water for ages?

New skylight/new flat roof: house has a flat roof which we're told could do with replacing. We're considering adding a skylight too as it's dark upstairs on landing. Has anyone had this done? Any ballpark costs for a) new flat roof, and/or b) addition of cheap skylight? We have an artex ceiling on landing (presumably asbestos again) which may also affect things...

Many thanks in advance for any comments on the above.

Pradaqueen Thu 13-Apr-17 20:49:47

No experience of asbestos other than I think the general advice is/was if it's In plaster, it's best not to disturb it and cover over with plaster. Your surveyor will be able to help you with a reputable firm.

However I can pm you a really good roofer based in Essex. They have fitted a skylight for me into a flat roof. I'm sure they travel round to the SE. I used CCS for my skylight based in the midlands. Very reasonably priced and fast delivery. The roofer fitted the light. To give you an idea of cost, in another property I renovated a flat roof on top of a building I owned which covered two large flats and was circa £6k. Just bear in mind a new flat roof is lovely and water tight. If you add a skylight or sun pipe you are creating more chances for water ingress.

Re: water tank a combi boiled will achieve what you are after but if it fails you'll have no hot water. I'd always keep a water tank with an immersion heating system as a back up in a house where space is not as much of a premium as a flat. Especially if you have children.

Hope that helps and best of luck!

Pradaqueen Thu 13-Apr-17 20:50:24

Ps a 1m X 2m skylight was sub £1k

venys Fri 14-Apr-17 09:54:36

We had some of this work done - £1400 to disconnect old tank system , Worcester Bosch combi boiler install (new location) replace two radiators. Work was done when we were out of the house and other work being done, but I think it was only a couple of days without water. We got Sandy from Key Asbestos in Hampton to do survey. Removed asbestos in floor and ceiling of bathrooms - think cost around £1200? Need to check this. Flat roof we just put on old loft from 70s/80s. Just put another layer of felt on top coat c £1200 (no scaffolding though!). Good luck!

SleepBecomesHim321 Wed 19-Apr-17 13:37:49

Thanks for your comments - very helpful! Feeling very overfaced by whole prospect: asbestos survey/removal, which contractor to involve when, plus need to get gas and electric people round to advise about moving meters. I'm worried we'll rack up £000s before we actually start the building works we want done!

Pradaqueen Thu 20-Apr-17 04:05:32

Don't be overwhelmed. Get the meters moved first. They take aaaaaages to agree and roughly £600 per meter. You need to involve the national grid. You'll need the PAN number of each.

Pradaqueen Thu 20-Apr-17 04:05:47

Sorry MPAN number.

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