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Induction hob questions!

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YouMeddlingKids Tue 11-Apr-17 08:10:11

Am planning on getting an induction hob for my new kitchen, going from gas. Looking at the flexizone ones as seem most versatile? But have never seen one in use so have a couple of questions... 1) if I'm cooking on two rings and want to take one off the heat, can I just switch one side off? Or move one to another bit of the hob? Or do I have to take it off the hob completely if still cooking on another bit? Also, are Flexi zones worth it or more of a gimmick? Ooh, on that topic anyone have a slide and hide oven? Seen on great British bake off and look fab but no idea if I actually need to be able to hide my oven door! 😁

VeritysWatchTower Tue 11-Apr-17 09:36:04

I have a DeDietrich one that allows me to combine either both left "rings" (cook areas) or both right.

I use this for a large Circulon saute pan that would have been too big for a single cook area. Best advice is to take a paper template of your pans with you when you shop.

I can turn the whole left hand side on but I only use it for one pan, not two. If I had two pans I would use the individual cook areas or rings for that and control each one separately.

If I move the pan so it only covers one cook area the hob ticks at me as it is trying to detect a pan in the other cook area which is switched on as I have them combined.

So yes, if you had 2 pans in one cook area and removed one you just leave the remaining pan in place and press a couple of buttons to switch from one large cooking area to one single cooking area.

I didn't go for the domino option because I didn't need more than a 60cm wide hob plus I already own a 2 ring induction portable hob so if I need extra (party) then I just use that too.

We bought the portable one to test to see if we liked induction hob cooking and to see us through a kitchen extension and no kitchen. It is a cheap Andrew James one but it is fantastic.

bouncydog Tue 11-Apr-17 13:24:47

Have induction and slide and hide. The flexizone can be used as one or two cooking areas simultaneouly and is great. We have an 800mm so can accommodate 5 pans at once.

Slide and hide us great as I'm not tall 5'2"" so can reach easily into the back if the oven. Best to go for as higher spec as possible as you get all the different Neff features.

We bought all of the appliances from the kitchen company as with the offers and discounts they gave us, we couldn't buy cheaper any where else ( and believe me I want the best bang for my buck)!

YouMeddlingKids Mon 17-Apr-17 19:01:43

That's really helpful, thanks for your replies. Have ordered today, yippee!

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