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Cost for refitting bathroom

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Summerbreeze1 Tue 11-Apr-17 08:06:35

Hi I'm new to this site but it looks great 😀 We want to get our bathroom refitted which is proving more stressful than I expected. There is soo much choice for basins, toilets etc so the house is full of catalogues as we can't decide what brand to go for, apart from a R2 radar toilet (!) we've had a couple hours of quotes one was £3740 and the other £5650. That's a huge difference! I just wondered if these are reasonable quotes? It's quite a small bathroom but we do want the whole thing completely redone. We are in East Surrey.

Summerbreeze1 Tue 11-Apr-17 08:08:26

Oops meant couple of quotes (not hours) 🙀

Bobbybobbins Tue 11-Apr-17 08:10:59

That is a massive difference! Could the higher quoting company explain the cost difference?

Rumtopf Tue 11-Apr-17 08:17:19

That's really rather expensive, especially if the room isn't all that big. Are you changing the layout and therefore moving the toilet waste pipe? I found that to be the most costly aspect, if you can keep the layout the same then it shouldn't be anywhere near that much. Unless you're going for really high end pieces?
My small bathroom in my last renovation was around £1500 and that was for everything including tiling.

wonkylegs Tue 11-Apr-17 08:19:11

Are the quotes for the same fittings or different ones? There can be a massive difference between even similar looking stuff, do both quotes include the exactly same thing (tiling same amount etc)
I always get a minimum of 3 quotes which usually gives an indication if someone is way out of kilter with the others.
Fitting is usually approx. A minimum of half the cost of the bathroom.
I would recommend going for branded flush mechanisms, taps, showers & plugs (stuff that moves/ does stuff) and then making savings on the porcelain (as basins, pans etc just sit there) this means you usually get less problems in the long run as these are the bits that break if not we'll made.

Summerbreeze1 Tue 11-Apr-17 08:45:15

Thanks for the quick replies, I've emailed the expensive one back and asked if they could give a brief split of labour/material costs. (They have said they will provide the 'plumbing/electric' bits and underfloor heating mat but other than that the only difference I can see in their quote is that theyve listed each little thing that needs doing in detail rather than in general (if that makes sense) e.g. Drain the system, remove wallpaper etc they have also included providing a skip and replacement of seized valves in the airing cupboard. There was two of them and they had good reviews and comments on their Facebook page so am really disappointed in their quote...

Summerbreeze1 Tue 11-Apr-17 08:47:51

Oh and the layout sent changing hugely, the shower will be in the same place, the toilet moved slightly but they said can use a flexible pipe or something and the sink moved slightly but they said it will be easy to change the pipe work when the floor is up.

Summerbreeze1 Tue 11-Apr-17 08:49:42

Wow bad typing again!! layout isn't changing hugely!!

Gamtanner Tue 11-Apr-17 08:51:59

My BIL did my largish en-suite (walk in shower), sink, built in cupboards and toilet) at cost plus minimal labour and that was nearly £4K. The high quote seems high, the other one seems reasonable but recommendation is best.

My BIL is also happy to take future clients to see work he's done for other people. There's been a lot of people in my en-suite!

Gamtanner Tue 11-Apr-17 08:52:38

BIL is professional bathroom fitter btw. Not a DIY enthusiast

jingscrivvens Tue 11-Apr-17 15:14:57

We have just had our bathroom done, 3m x 2m, and it cost £3100 for fitting. That involved, moving the toilet, bath and sink positions, putting in a new shower, underfloor heating, electrics for heated mirror, all tiling and taking away the old bathroom. I thought that was pretty fair, we didn't need to get the heating or mirror but decided why not. The fixtures and tiles were cost more than I had anticipated, but I went for what I wanted rather than compromising. We're in Scotland

firawla Tue 11-Apr-17 16:57:21

We've just done ours. Just under 3k for one bathroom and just over 3k the other - that's the labour costs. About 1-1.5k each on top for the actual stuff go in them including tiles

Summerbreeze1 Thu 13-Apr-17 16:35:41

So I'm guessing it's not totally extortionate then, we've cut our cost down slightly by choosing Karndean instead of tiles for the floor so we won't need underfloor heating, the quote also included the cost for hanging a new door and sanding and glossing the cupboard door. Thanks for your replies. Now just need to choose a bathroom cabinet....

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