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Which hot water tap ???

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jigster01 Mon 10-Apr-17 17:56:03

Planning for our kitchen extension and getting down to choosing units etc etc ...I would really like a hot water tap and Howdens do the insinkerator (basic one it seems) ..There are a few on the market -quooker and i believe franke do one ....Any opinions? ,i know they vary in price but would like to know what you all think ?? Does one hugely out weigh the other etc etc thanks

MaidenMotherCrone Mon 10-Apr-17 18:21:20

Well, I've only got one so cannot compare it with others. It's this insinkerator. Bloody brilliant. Been fitted for 4 years, not one problem.

jigster01 Mon 10-Apr-17 18:27:27

Thanks maiden Howdens do just the hot water and not cold mix ...i would be thinking of the single hot one ,so 2 taps together ,would that look funny? I read the filters are about £50 and need replacing every 6 months .Is that about right ?

MaidenMotherCrone Mon 10-Apr-17 18:27:30

I didn't like the idea of having it next to the main sink so I had another little sink put it at the opposite end of the kitchen which the DCs refer to as the beverage preparation areagrin

MaidenMotherCrone Mon 10-Apr-17 18:28:49

I paid roughly £80 for 2 filters and I've only had to change it once.

MaidenMotherCrone Mon 10-Apr-17 18:29:40

That pic is terrible

MaidenMotherCrone Mon 10-Apr-17 18:31:31

Like this

jigster01 Mon 10-Apr-17 18:51:23

That's great thank you ! I thought the quooker which is very expensive would come out on top but good reviews about insinkerator.
Dh is panicking about the price of it all ...Howdens tomorrow and will get it all priced up ..Builder will give us full discount 70% i think .. But I really love the idea of the tap ...6 adults in the house 5 are men !!! so lots of tea made ...Not by me i don't drink it grin
love your kitchen ...Just looking myself at 2 single ovens ,we have a double atm and it's still a struggle when cooking...

Blodplod Mon 10-Apr-17 19:02:06

I have a quooker tap (just hot water only version though) and love it! It's the smaller tap to the right. Please excuse the infeasibly large multi function tap to left! I'm unaware of filters though.. have had mine in over a year and not changed a filter.. I might have to google and check whether this is something I need to do! So many people ask me if hot drinks taste any different using this tap but seriously it's no different to having a kettle.. the only thing I would say though if I had to choose between this and say a tumble dryer due to budget constraints then I would go for a dryer (or any other important gadget). It's great, I love it, but it is a nice to have gadget rather than a necessary kitchen appliance IYSWIM.

MaidenMotherCrone Mon 10-Apr-17 19:04:30

Thanks, that was the week it was finished and it hasn't been that tidy since sadly. I thought the two single ovens would be a good idea, I'm a baking fan but It was a waste of £700. I only really use one and the other is used as storage for the extra roasting/baking tins I bought because I had 2 ovens. I wish I'd gone with a range now.

MaidenMotherCrone Mon 10-Apr-17 19:09:45

Another thing to think about is a little boiling water sign, I've had two people think it was a hand washing tap and almost scalded themselves. I love it though, we are 5 adults, all big tea drinkers and the filtered cold tap is great too as I don't like ice cold drinks.

jigster01 Mon 10-Apr-17 19:15:05

Haha ! Just told Dh price of insinkerator (£380 Amazon) and he was ok with that ..Might get discount at Howdens ..Not sure how discount works other than on units but may be pleasantly surprised...Quooker is lovely too....It will be an extravagance as i have the other appliances lined up....
I'm sure the next thread i post will be about quartz worktops, flooring,bifolds,sinks etc etc ..Thanks grin

Blodplod Mon 10-Apr-17 19:16:00

Maidenmothercrone - is your tap easy to use? What I mean by that is, our quooker tap is on a sort of locking mechanism, a bit like a medicine bottle, you have to push it in and turn before any water comes out. This is not obvious to the unitiatiated so nobody can just rock up and turn it on and risk being burnt. It's a safety feature, does your tap not have a similar function?

MaidenMotherCrone Mon 10-Apr-17 19:21:36

No nothing like that. The only safety feature is the hot water will only work if you hold it on whereas the cold you can leave running.

MaidenMotherCrone Mon 10-Apr-17 19:23:56

It is 4 years old though so perhaps more recent versions have a better safety system.

MaidenMotherCrone Mon 10-Apr-17 19:32:44

It is 4 years old though so perhaps more recent versions have a better safety system.

Blodplod Mon 10-Apr-17 19:35:30

I must admit that concerned me when we first thought of getting a boiling tap, once I was shown how it worked though it alleviated my fears.. most people stand there fiddling with it and I have to show them how it operates.. which is much better than just switching it on with boiling water coming out.

ParadiseLaundry Fri 12-May-17 07:55:28

So glad I found this thread so I didn't have to start s new one! If no one minds me asking (and hope this doesn't count as hijacking the thread!) how much have people paid for their taps? There seems to be big differences in price and just not sure what the difference is. I will ask our lovely builder too but like to get the mumsnet view!

chickpeaburger Fri 12-May-17 09:24:01

We have the filtered Insinkerator one. No problems and wouldn't be without it. Filters are cheap (buy non branded ones from Amazon) and we change twice a year

Says here just over £700 includes fitting. We paid less (John Lewis but I see they don't sell them any more) and had it fitted independently.

chickpeaburger Fri 12-May-17 09:25:40

£232 and lots of other good prices here. They've obviously come down in price.

PigletJohn Fri 12-May-17 10:03:18

The plumbworld price is for the tap excluding the hot water tank

MaidenMotherCrone Fri 12-May-17 10:04:55

I spoke too soonsad

The boiler has gone on mine, It's a sealed unit and a new one is about £200. Bugger!

jigster01 Fri 12-May-17 10:18:32

We are going for the franke Minerva 3-1 now £660 ish ... Quooker is way out of out league so wouldn't even consider it .. please be aware insinkerator is not compatible with combi boiler ...found that out just in time !

ChunkyHare Fri 12-May-17 10:23:31

We had the one mentioned by chick above, we had it fitted just under 4 years ago and are already on our second tank.

They have a flaw whereby they leak from the bottom, it is either the weld of the tank pieces or the rubber tubing inside the unit that sits next to the tank and is subject to the high temps. (See Amazon reviews.)

As the tank comes with a 2 year warranty we had it replaced for free but the new tank gets the old tank details stuck on it so it is covered by the original warranty so you can't have a new tank again.

Once again, it is leaking badly and we have to shell out to replace it. This will be the 3rd tank in 4 years. We are paying for a new one but we are planning to take apart the old one to see if we can see the issue with ours.

Despite all of this I absolutely love the instant hot water tap, I wouldn't be without it. But maybe just don't buy the insinkerator one.

Safety feature wise you have to push the handle down before it will turn. Mine is over the sink so it should be fairly obvious that the tiny tap isn't the main tap.

MaidenMotherCrone Fri 12-May-17 11:03:24

Jigster.....I have a combo boiler and an Insinkerator. I don't know who gave you that advice but it's wrong. The hot water tap has a cold water feed only so has nothing to do with your boiler.

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