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Anyone in Herts happy with their builders/extension?

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DailyMaui Mon 10-Apr-17 15:48:31

We have planning for a two story side extension and are in the process of looking for builders. Only one of my friends could actually recommend their builders - everyone else I have asked ended up almost hating theirs. I'm thinking of going round the neighbourhood and asking people about their extensions but also thought I'd see if any North Hertfordshire people had "enjoyed" their builders (that sounds so, so wrong). I want more than one quote so don't want to use the only one so far recommended.

I'm a bit scared as I had a couple of bathrooms put in 9 years ago and the process was awful and left me with continued problems with leaks/things not working/all sorts of shit. That wasn't a personal recommendation and I was totally burned. I have delayed doing anything because of this. But we have planning and some funds so...

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