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Bathrooms 2017

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Charlieandlola Mon 10-Apr-17 14:54:48

My first bathroom renovation in a while looms -
I am thinking :

Grohe shower
Meryln /kudos shower enclosure
Roca /vb sinks and loo and taps
Bette bath and shower tray

White tiles
Polyflor floor
Demistimg mirrors

I haven't done one for 5 years , so Some new/better brands may have emerged . Top tips gratefully received. Budget =not hedgie money ! I'll be sourcing them all myself

EJC85 Mon 10-Apr-17 16:11:15

Following this thread with interest as I am about to embark on something like that myself.

Good luck with yours!

Crumbelina Mon 10-Apr-17 18:27:00

Just finished one myself. I can recommend ...

Crosswater/Bauhaus/Simpsons for showers, taps, basins etc. Excellent quality and if you find the product code of something you like then have a Google to find the best price as there are lots of suppliers.

Bathstore 'Playtime' shower screens are great quality (might be worth waiting until your favourite product appears in their sale as products generally rotate every couple of months and are discounted).

Mandarin Stone for beautiful tiles.

Schluter Kerdi Boards (walls) and Ditra mats (floor) if you wants good waterproofing and fancy having a tiled floor (instead of a shower tray). We've also gone for a Unidrain Highline Custom so the water disappears from the tiles down a hidden drain. This is all a bit specialist though and not for everyone!

Ikea or LED Hut for LED spotlights. We also got some glass pendant lights from to hang over the sink unit.

Oh and an Aesop handwash because its gorgeous and appears in every single Pinterest/Houzz bathroom picture. smile It's £27 so only get it out when guests are over. wink Good luck!

woodhill Mon 10-Apr-17 18:27:46

Following too.

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