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Loft Conversion SE

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HeadingEast Mon 10-Apr-17 09:20:21

We're in the SE and live in a 3bed terrace. We have 3DC - 2 currently share.

DH and I are thinking of doing a loft extension in about 5 years time, when the older 2 DC are hitting their teens, to give each DC their own room.

Does anyone have a ballpark figure of how much one would cost? I know it's a bit of a how longs a piece of string question!

It would be a dormer conversion, ideally one out the front as well, but not sure we'd get planning for that as no one else has one at the front down our road.

Think we'd put us up in the loft and have another bathroom up there too.

No need to raise/lower ceiling heights as the pitch is good up there.


HeadingEast Tue 11-Apr-17 07:34:42


hiddenmnetter Tue 11-Apr-17 08:00:10

Single dormer conversion in London done to a high standard with an ensuite was quoted at £42k. That included updating all doors in the house to fire doors, replacing the whole roof, and upgrading the fire system to comply.

I would hazard a guess that a double dormer would probably add another 5-10k, although we wouldn't have been allowed that so can't say.

That was a gable to party wall conversion, so our house is rectangular (approx 7m x 6m) and the loft was that whole space. It was going to be one huge room with an ensuite. It would have cost around another £2k to put in a partition wall and make it two smaller rooms and a bathroom rather than a huge room and ensuite.


Lucy7400 Tue 11-Apr-17 08:43:41

We are semi detached so need a hip to gable conversion. We have been quoted 45-50k in SW London.

PettsWoodParadise Tue 11-Apr-17 09:12:56

£52k for a double hip to gable plus dormer, due to start later this year. Price also includes a 'tin hat' as we don't want work held up by the English weather or to annoy our neighbours by works dragging on too much - that added £3.5k to the cost which is included in our total. This is SE London. Includes plumbing and electrics but not bathroom or walk-in-robe fittings. We've been extended out the back so it is the full depth of the house and will be about 30ft long by 20ft wide. It is a lot cheaper than the £100k cost of moving to a property with similar space, most of that stamp duty.

HeadingEast Tue 11-Apr-17 09:51:32

Thanks all, very helpful.

Petts It would also cost us £100k+ if we moved to a 4 bed so this is a cheaper option - although still an awful lot of money!!

firawla Tue 11-Apr-17 17:00:40

We did a single dormer loft conversion at Christmas, put in 2 beds and a bathroom, and budgeted 50k for it. The actual work was about 45k or something but needed to get the bathroom fitted, wardrobes fitted etc so the full 50k went or slightly more

HeadingEast Wed 12-Apr-17 19:06:34

Thank you firawla.

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