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advice on roof structure please?

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joannemarie01 Fri 07-Apr-17 20:42:22

Hi all,
I am buying a house, first time buyer and just had the surveyors report back.
There are Two things I really need advice on, and I'm not sure where to turn.

1. There is evidence of some deflection and distortion to the main frame. The original roof plane has deflected slightly over the gable end. This is probably due to failure of timber gable ladder and will need to be monitored. Also the roof slope has sagged slightly between rafters.

It is a dorma bungalow with two bedrooms upstairs in the roof space, Does anyone know if this is a urgent serious concern? It was flagged as yellow - will need repair at some point, but I am worried that the roof could come down on my daughter, what is the worse case scenario?

2. The garage - detached from house, is red:

There is cracking to some of the walls and supporting columns which will need repair. Similarly the brickwork is poor in places.
There are signs of a woodbeetle infestation to the roof timbers. It has likely spread to other concealed areas.

My question here is does anyone know if there is a high risk of woodbettle spreading to the house roof/rafters, how far do these pests travel? Does it sound as if the garage roof is in immediate structural danger and is it easy to eradicate woodbettle and repair the beams?

Thanks in advance

PigletJohn Sat 08-Apr-17 00:47:54

how old is the house?

Are you in Surrey?

Is the deflection just in the gable timbers? On the "outside" of the house?

Are the upstairs bedrooms original, or has it had a loft conversion? Is there evidence that it had Building Control approval?,

The garage sounds like a shoddy job. That is not unusual. Compared to the cost of the house, you could just knock it down and have it carted away in a skip. You could park your car outside, and have a garden shed for your lawnmower and old paint tins.

madeleinecreek Sat 08-Apr-17 08:52:48

We paid £300 to have our large attic sprayed for wood beetle infestation, with a 30'yesr guarantee. Sounds like it would be better to knock the garage down and start again though! (But maybe reduce offer to reflect that).

johnd2 Sat 08-Apr-17 21:22:45

Best to turn to the original surveyor, call them and ask them to explain. I did that with ours and he basically told me which things he'd do something about and which we're just normal for an old house.
In fact his first comment to me was "glad it didn't put you off"
In the end we spent about 5k sorting out the structural issues with the bay window including new windows, and the rest we did ourselves.
If you only had 2 red that's pretty good, our report was about a third of red amber and green!

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