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What could we do to improve our flat?

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sunnytoday Fri 07-Apr-17 17:17:30

Hello fellow MNers.

I know you are great at this..

I’d like some advice on how to improve my two-bedroom flat.

Any ideas? DH and I are considering selling it at some stage as we have a baby on the way smile

Here are some pics. Let me know if you need more.

SillySongsWithLarry Fri 07-Apr-17 18:00:26

It looks pretty good to me. Very small rooms but fine for a flat. Just keep it clean and tidy and it'll be fine.

Monkeypuzzle32 Fri 07-Apr-17 18:10:22

where's all your 'stuff' !?

It looks lovely, I would put a few bottles of nice (expensive) bath oil or similar out in the bathroom, and a thrown on the end of the bed but otherwise I think its perfect (are you in E17 btw-the flats look like the ones there?)

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Fri 07-Apr-17 18:15:17

If you just want to make it more attractive for selling, I would get a bit of temporary colour into bathroom (with some towels) and the bedroom.
The bed would look better with a headboard and a colourful throw folded at the foot.
The shelves in living room are nice but the stuff on them needs to be arranged better. But it looks tidy and not overfurnished

TulipsinSpring444 Fri 07-Apr-17 18:16:09

looks lovely, maybe a nice picture above the bed or a mirror, good luck!

IHeartDodo Fri 07-Apr-17 18:19:19

A bit of colour? Otherwise it looks very clean and tidy.

FadedRed Fri 07-Apr-17 18:23:54

Nice and tidy, but agree it's very bland. I agree with pp's that a bit of colour would help, maybe a few pictures on the walls (not personal photos though) and cushions/towels/flowers or coloured foliage plants.

heffalumpshavewrinkles Fri 07-Apr-17 19:09:06

Very bland, but fine (nice living room, fireplace and windows). As a buyer I would enjoy being able to put my own stamp on it. The 2 things that would actually put me off are the mixer shower and the ikea island thing in the kitchen which screams not enough storage to me! Also is there CH?

NotAMammy Sat 08-Apr-17 21:50:44

The thing that would make the most difference to me is the shower. Having a more solid shower with a decent head would make it seem much more permanent. That looks like the kind of shower that would dribble on you, iykwim.
I agree about a headboard on the bed. And maybe some frames on the staircase so it feels more part of the property rather than an exterior. Or maybe a mirror halfway up? My friend has one of these as you come in her front door, at the foot of the stairs. She has a mirror over it and I think a bottle of perfume and it just kind of looks like a final check-point.

sunnytoday Mon 10-Apr-17 16:24:25

Ahh.. I promise I have a lot of stuff- just very carefully hidden.

Thanks all for your advice. Looking back at the images I think you are right, it needs a bit of colour.

@Monkeypuzzle32 - No I am not in E17, but crazy that the properties are similar there.

Maverick66 Mon 10-Apr-17 16:50:02

Agree with others it is a bit bland.
I would introduce some artwork for walls.
I would get wicker baskets to fit and store the stuff on your wooden trolley thing in the kitchen

Miniwookie Tue 11-Apr-17 00:04:16

I agree with pp. Some nice bold artwork for the walls, some kind of bedhead/headboard for the bed and dress the bed with a nice bedspread/blanket and cushions. I would also change the cupboard doors/worktop on the kitchen if you can afford it as it looks quite dated and wouldn't cost that much.

echt Tue 11-Apr-17 00:29:24

If you're looking to sell, then it's fine as it is. Don't do anything you wouldn't want to take with you to your new place, so some artwork you really like. As for new kitchen cupboard doors, anything you choose will just as likely be changed by a buyer.

The thing at sale is to make sure all your paintwork is spick and span, no chips. Lack of routine maintenance of decor pisses off buyers and hints that the big stuff might also be neglected. (Not that your flat looks like that).

TheBakeryQueen Tue 11-Apr-17 09:42:26

I wouldn't add too much to be honest, it's small and if you put artwork up on the walls it will look smaller.

The 2 things I would do, if possible, is replace the worktop in the kitchen with an oak veneer one (cheap in ikea and look real), it will lighten up the kitchen and look more stylish (imo); secondly I would buy some posh bedding and layer cushions and a throw draped two thirds of the way down the bed. Maybe fresh flowers and that's it really.

It's a lovely flat, looks homely.

TheBakeryQueen Tue 11-Apr-17 09:45:43

Sort of like this, but with the cushions/pillows arranged more neatly-

sunnytoday Tue 11-Apr-17 10:10:55

I think the idea to replace the kitchen worktops/cupboards is a great idea!

Do any of you have any advice or personal recommendations of where to go or how to go about it?

Money and DIY expertise are both things that me and DH are not well versed in lol smile

HatHen Tue 11-Apr-17 10:14:59

Yes change kitchen cupboards to more modern ones.

TheBakeryQueen Tue 11-Apr-17 10:23:00

I think the cupboards are fine actually, I'd just replace the worktop. Maybe the handles too as a cheap and easy update?
Measure up, pop in ikea and get them ordered. You will need to pay a joiner to fit them properly but it's really not a big job. Should easily do it in a day I would say.

It's possible you might need a plumber to disconnect the sink to fit the worktop, but again it's not a big job.

Maybe price it up and see if you think it's worth it.

sunnytoday Wed 12-Apr-17 15:10:45

Thanks all.

Has anyone done this themselves who can share their experiences or photographs?

In need of a bit of inspiration.

user1492613713 Wed 19-Apr-17 16:07:20

Hello, hello.

Recently replaced some of my kitchen cupboards with new glass panelled ones to display my crockery and bring in some more light.

Was super easy, IKEA stock them and I just had a local builder come and fit them. I think I spent £230 in total, sooo worth it!

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