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Unvented cylinder- new supply pipe cost

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ThisOneNoThatOne Wed 05-Apr-17 21:40:30

Hi, I'm planning on changing my hot water system to a megaflo. I've been told we'll need a new supply pipe and also the mains stopcock in the road will need replacing. I don't suppose anyone else has had this done and could give me an idea of the cost please? Thanks

PigletJohn Wed 05-Apr-17 22:39:04

when I last had one, it was nominally a day's work to hand-dig the trench and fill it, though done several days apart, and I suppose running and connecting the pipe took about half a day.

Two people involved, a labourer/assistant, and a plumber. If you say two people for two days at £200 each that should be ballpark. Plastic pipe is not very expensive but the large size of plastic stopcocks are so make sure they fit full-size ones. 25mm pipe would do but 32mm costs little extra.

If there is concrete in the way there may be extra machinery involved, and plenty of noise.

I have seen a water co gangs do equivalent jobs faster, there are more of them and they have dedicated equipment.

There is an interlude when the water co come and inspect the trench by appointment before filling in but they probably have a local engineer who drives round all the building sites.

If the pipe is to be connected to the water meter or pipe under the pavement, you are supposed to pay the water co to dig it up and connect. Sometimes this can be avoided. Water co's charge what they like. However if you have your drinking water tested for lead beforehand, they may be a lead replacement cheme and you might get a subsidy or they might connect it free or they might change their pipe in the pavement at the same time. Water co's vary. But book the test straight away because it must be done before you start work, and they might be slow to make an appointment.

If you are a burly gardener you should be able to dig the trench yourself. IIRC it is 500mm deep. It does not have to follow the route of the old one. You will also have to bore a hole through the wall of the house. The pipe is stiff but can be bent.

If you have builders on site for some other reason they might be better value as you won't have to pay for travel and loading/unloading time.

PigletJohn Wed 05-Apr-17 22:42:26


the water co might have a list of approved contractors who have authority to dig up the pavement and connect, as well as doing the work on your land/house.

I don't know how their price compares.

ThisOneNoThatOne Wed 05-Apr-17 22:52:50

Great, thank you for all that info. And a good tip about the lead testing.

We will have builders on site, so hopefully it will be more straightforward than I feared!

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