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Not another kitchen plan thread.....

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Barneyboo2 Wed 05-Apr-17 18:49:44

So I am having my kitchen done in a couple of months and have an (almost) final plan. The room is just over 5m long by 4m at its widest and I'm hoping to get a table in front of the patio doors. I'm a bit concerned about having enough storage space. I need some wall units, but I'm not sure whether to have them on both walls or just one, and if I go for one which wall? Do you think it will be a bit cramped trying to wash up with cupboards above, both me and DH are v tall?

wowfudge Wed 05-Apr-17 19:20:06

I think it is very spread out and once you have a table in front of the patio doors your fridge could be awkward to access. How about an island with table parallel to it? You might want to consider a peninsula coming out from where you have the oven currently too as an oven right next to a door isn't a great idea.

I would go for tall stuff along the back wall and have a rethink where you position things. What do you use the big cupboard off the kitchen for?

Barneyboo2 Wed 05-Apr-17 19:41:32

The cupboard off the kitchen has the vacuum, ironing board, big bag of dog food and all the other stuff that doesn't fit in the utility room! It's the old larder so pretty big.

My drawing isn't great - I tried to do it on excel, there will be more space in RL there will be 1.4m between the fridge ending and the patio doors starting and a similar amount of space at the other side (they are 8ft doors). I would love an island, but I don't think one will fit and DH doesn't like peninsula units. confused

OnePlanOnHouzz Fri 07-Apr-17 05:13:51

The tweaks I'd suggest to your L shape layout would be these...

I'd take out the towel space on sink run and use that to increase the door to the straight corner from 300mm to 450mm so it's easier to access and will match the 450 bin to look like a double cupboard. ( if towel rail space was 150mm) ... have a hook on the inside of corner cabinet or sink base door for tea towels.

I'd relocate the tray space on hob run to immediately left of the oven housing, to allow more 'set down' space from oven housing before hob, if keeping centred to that one base cabinet, but, having made that earlier change, I'd be tempted to straddle hob to over the centre of the two 900mm base cabinets to give better space to the right of hob ( if you are right handed ) and better set down space too. You should also allow 50mm infill between oven housing and wall so oven door can open without restriction. ( a slide and hide type oven might be good in this position near to entrance route )

Wall unit wise - as you are tall - I'd suggest you have wall cabinets and slim, in cabinet, cooker hood ( with storage for spices in front) on the wall with the oven and hob. ( make sure hood adequately and safely above hob height wise) You could carry them around the corner with a double cupboard over the bin and corner door, and then have a space above the sink and DW - or you could have open shelf storage here or dish rack cabinet ( depending on your style of doors ) as it might be good to store plates and mugs near to DW ergonomically.

Hope that helps a bit. smile

(N^B. I love designing kitchens !)^

Good luck with it all !

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