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Is is possible to ask estate agents to share the vendor's contact details?

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user1491166506 Sun 02-Apr-17 22:00:15

Hello there. smile

My dream house has finally come on the market and I'm terrified it will go to someone else as I have a completely rational fear of EAs messing things up for you! (Been ghost gazumped in the past and lied to about several things incl. one time when my offer was not even passed onto the vendor! We bumped into her walking by her house one time whilst we just gazed at it longingly from the outside [haha] and we happened to mention our offer and she was utterly stumped as she has not been told of it! And it had been made A WHOLE WEEK back!)

Any way, my question is, is it legal for the EAs to hand over the vendor's details should we ask for them?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

bibbitybobbityyhat Sun 02-Apr-17 22:05:28

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Bringmewineandcake Sun 02-Apr-17 22:06:34

I don't think it would be - probably a breach of DPA as you have no "right" to that information. I doubt they would give it to you in any case because then they couldn't control the contact between yourselves.
I understand your fears, I've got 3 estate agents coming this week to value our property and my stomach is in knots at the thought, after the treatment by our last agents! I think the only option will be for you to be chasing the agents daily until you get a reply.

user1491166506 Sun 02-Apr-17 22:08:09

bibbitybobbityyhat Sorry? I'm not sure what you mean?

user1484830599 Sun 02-Apr-17 22:08:47

You could always put a note through the door, under the guise of giving your contact details in case they wanted to get in touch.

We did this with our vendors and have been in regular contact. Its worked brilliantly to get answers questions and update them regularly but I appreciate not everyone is comfortable with that.

NameNotANumber Sun 02-Apr-17 22:09:21

Agents are obliged to pass on all offers unless the vendor has told them not to pass on offers below a certain amount for e.g. or if the buyer is not ready to proceed.

I can't see the agent passing on their details to you, as you could bypass them and offer directly to the vendor.

user1484830599 Sun 02-Apr-17 22:09:45

The door of the house obv! Not the door of the EAs grin

Mum2jenny Sun 02-Apr-17 22:10:33

Go directly to the vendor if in any doubt.

user1491166506 Sun 02-Apr-17 22:10:59

Bringmewineandcake Aw, damn. That's annoying! I completely understand about the whole violation thing but I wish there was an option to at least ask the vendor if they'd like to share their details should any interested parties wish to speak to them directly, the struggles eh? I hope the new EAs treat you better! Good luck. smile

FlyAwayPeter Sun 02-Apr-17 22:12:43

If i were the vendor and my agent handed over my contact details to any random person, I'd be furious. Nor would I deal directly with any would-be purchaser. That's what i pay an agent to do.

user1491166506 Sun 02-Apr-17 22:13:59


It's a NO CHAIN property, do you think the vendors would still regularly come by just to keep an eye on it? It would be worth it to drop a note. That's a great idea. Though because it's in another city, I'm going to have to mail the note over, haha.

Aw, I'm glad it worked for you. Thanks so much! smile

user1491166506 Sun 02-Apr-17 22:16:40

FlyAwayPeter I understand that. Of course the vendor should be asked if they wish their details to be passed on. More than likely though, from the helpful responses I've had, I'm assuming even asking the vendor is out of the question. I know it's an EA's job to market and sell the house and deal with offers, but honestly, sometimes they do a terrible, terrible job!

Bitofeverything Mon 03-Apr-17 00:16:16

The names of the vendors will be on the Land Registry. A search on that website will cost £3.

ExplodedCloud Mon 03-Apr-17 00:28:13

The EA will say that facilitating contact between the two parties can be a really bad idea. They might harass you , you might harass them. Who knows?
We've exchanged contact info after an offer has progressed on our previous sales. One was a tosser but we were OK. The others were lovely.
Stick a note through their door.

sorenipples Mon 03-Apr-17 09:10:51

The way an estate agent we used did this was to ask permission before handing over contact details. I.e. The vendor wanted my phone number to arrange a second viewing I had requested, the estate agent asked my permission before handing it over.

However, the estate agent may have reason to want to be involved in all communications or have them via solicitors and so not faciliate an exchange of contact details.

trumpstinycock Mon 03-Apr-17 09:17:06

If you have an offer accepted, I always make a point of arranging another viewing. The estate agents rarely bother to attend a second time, as far as they're concerned it's a done deal.

At that point I offer my contact details to the vendor, and they usually offer them reciprocally. This can really help during the buying process, as often solicitors will always try and blame the other person's solicitor for any delay, And it can help iron out problems more quickly.

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