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Best use of space - utility?

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farmbelle Sun 02-Apr-17 18:38:02

We are moving into a house with a lean to conservatory, but no utility room. The conservatory is at the side of the house which we would likely use as the main entrance, and the other door goes onto the kitchen. I can't decide which is the better use of space. There is only really one wall in the conservatory which is usable, (the exterior house wall -the rest are upvc) which currently has a radiator on it which would need to be moved. Can't afford underfloor heating.

Option 1) Turning it into a utility with small sink/washing machine and tumble dryer, and worktop. Would be visible in the garden tho, but have direct access to kitchen. Boots/coats would likely accumulate here regardless! And I don't think we would have room for utility and lovely boot storage I've seen on Pinterest

2) a boot room with bench and said lovely storage to make things tidier. Then turning the under stairs cupboard into a utility - much smaller space but could still fit a washer dryer and mops etc, would just be cramped. No room for sink.

The difficulty is in the conservatory only having one wall that we could put stuff against.

What would you prefer/increase resale desirability?

Has anyone successfully turned their under stairs area into a workable utility? Pics look good online but not sure on the real life logistics ?


EineKleine Sun 02-Apr-17 20:10:08

We once had a utility "wall" in a conservatory that was a bit like your pic, but with sliding doors in front. Slide doors one way for washing machine, dryer (stacked), boiler, or the other way for downstairs loo. With doors closed it was just a normal conservatory.

Conservatories are tricksy beasts. There is an argument for putting in a sofa and table and making sure you use it as a living area, because otherwise it'll just end up with coats, shoes and detritus piled up and will just turn into a depressing mess.

I think my main worry with an understairs washing machine is the noise. Under the stairs means next to lots of wood, which is an excellent noise conductor, and often difficult to shut off from the rest of the house. I'm sure there are solutions to that but I'm not sure what.

heffalumpshavewrinkles Mon 03-Apr-17 10:34:59

The other problem with utility cupboards is there is no where to put a drier or washing basket or other general stuff!

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