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How much info to include in offer email???

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HowToOffer Sat 01-Apr-17 22:21:48

I've seen THE house today and want to offer on Monday. I'm wondering how much info to include.

I'm obviously putting in my sale and mortgage situation, and also that I have a young family, grew up in the area and are moving back to be close to my parents.

I'm wondering if I should also include that I'm now a single parent and am also moving to escape my violent ex partner? I don't want to guilt trip them into selling to me, but will include (true) info that might pull heartstrings if it's appropriate. So is it???

Incidentally I'm ready to go purchase wise and am going to offer asking, so not trying to get them to undersell at all smile

MoreThanJustANumber Sat 01-Apr-17 23:25:50

I think saying you're moving to be close to your parents is excellent. To escape an abusive ex might sound alarm bells - will he turn up and cause a scene for all the lovely neighbours they're leaving behind iyswim. I'd leave that but out if I were you.

MackT Sat 01-Apr-17 23:30:33

It's not appropriate. Just don't.

HowToOffer Sun 02-Apr-17 06:22:45

Thanks for sense check - I won't include it then.

EyeStye Sun 02-Apr-17 06:32:16

I'd actively want to avoid selling to someone who put the info about the ex partner in - I'd wonder if your deposit might be subject to a dispute if it was a jointly owned property you're selling or sold to get your deposit and the info feels so over the line of inappropriateness / over sharing it would also put me off selling. Sorry. I hope you get it and can make a fresh start

Havingahorridtime Sun 02-Apr-17 06:32:47

You only need to include you're financial positionand whether you are in a chain. Nothing else is relevant.

Falafelings Sun 02-Apr-17 06:37:48

No don't include that extra info. I'm a big hearted person but that info would make me worry about how straightforward the sale would be. Saying you want to move back to the area is nice though as it shows motivation.

neonrainbow Sun 02-Apr-17 06:44:33

Stick to the finances. You're offering asking price and you're ready to go. That's all they need to know.

Ifailed Sun 02-Apr-17 06:47:15

I would include the offer price, outline any mortgage offers and contact details for my solicitor. Anything else is superfluous and can be misinterpreted.

wowfudge Sun 02-Apr-17 07:05:18

I was surprised you were emailing. Whenever we've offered on a house, we've just spoken to the EA. We've only ever confirmed who our solicitor was by email.

HowToOffer Sun 02-Apr-17 07:22:11

Thank you all! I'm working on the advice of my sales EA, he said mention family connection as well as financials, and to email today preparatory to phoning the offer in tomorrow. I'm not making the actual offer by email - just reiterating my situation along with some pleasantries.

He's the sales director of a large London agency so I am confident do as he suggests!

(I didn't ask him about the DV thing, it just occurred to me late last night... and it was a bad idea I now know smile

bonjovigirl Sun 02-Apr-17 07:33:07

I think it's good advice to set out your position in an email - helps ensure the EA doesn't forget anything pertinent! Agree with PP that may be worth including that you moving back to the area you know - helps show motivation/commitment.

purpleladybird Sun 02-Apr-17 10:29:17

Also include details of your conveyancing solicitor. If you don't have one ask around and get one on Monday morning. It's very easy and quick to sort.

Use someone good rather than cheap. Estate agents like that.

Falafelings Sun 02-Apr-17 10:29:27

I've always offered by email because the wording and amount is clear

SnowGlobes Sun 02-Apr-17 11:29:51

I think everyone has covered what would be best but I just want you wish you good luck and well done for moving on!

HowToOffer Sun 02-Apr-17 11:51:43

Oh no, I've just sent the email and didn't include solicitors details - I'll tell her tomorrow that I can email them over if she needs them. I did include my sales EA details since my place sold before it was put up online.

Thanks for the advice and good luck! I REALLY want this house. It's just as close to perfect that I could get in my budget and I'd be so happy to grow old there. Argh. So tense.

SnowGlobes Sun 02-Apr-17 12:56:02

Oh don't worry, just call on Monday with solicitor details and check they received your email. It won't be an issue.

HowToOffer Mon 03-Apr-17 18:41:03

Quick update, they've accepted me offer!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited grinsmilegrinsmilegrinsmilewinestargringringrin

HowToOffer Mon 03-Apr-17 18:41:23

Sigh, my offer.

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