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Which house should I buy?

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TomHaverford Sat 01-Apr-17 13:19:26

Having a tricky time deciding between houses so any thoughts are very welcome..

House 1:
Nice looking from the outside but very dated inside so needs lots of work including large rear extension.
Decent sized garden
Lovely area, very close to shops, station and good schools
Are is quite built up, lots or terraces

House 2:
Old beautiful listed farmhouse
completely refurbished and ready to move in to
good schools near by but likely a 1/2 hour school run on foot or 14 min drive
Sits on one acre block
5 mins drive to the station, 45 mins walk so not feasible
living space about 3xs the size of house 1
very rural feeling, would have to drive most places

About us:
1 DC, i need to drive to work anyway but DH would have to drive instead of public transport currently. I prefer the rural dream but DH is panicked by lack of proximity to a station. The houses are roughly the same price, 1st option works out more expensive once all the work has been done, 2nd option would need contingency set aside for listed repairs.

One feels like the sensible option, the farm house feels like the home of my heart......

TomHaverford Sat 01-Apr-17 13:20:00

I should add, this really is our forever house and we wouldnt likely be able to move again..

MadameJosephine Sat 01-Apr-17 13:31:14

How old is DC? DH could cycle to the station maybe but I think house 2 may be a bit isolating for a teenager if they can't meet up with their mates and it could get tedious having to drive them everywhere

HmmOkay Sat 01-Apr-17 13:36:57

I'd go for house 2 every single time, but I don't like built-up places.

Husband can get a bike and cycle to station surely if he doesn't want to drive it?

I don't think a half hour walk to school is too much at all by the way. And even then presumably they can cycle when they are old enough?

PossumInAPearTree Sat 01-Apr-17 13:41:05

House 2 for sure.

BackforGood Sat 01-Apr-17 13:45:32

There's no 'right or wrong' here.
Me, I'm a City girl. I like that I can walk to everything I could need in my local high street and that my dc are independent and can get everywhere by walking or hopping on a bus or train (or indeed be dropped off by other folk passing by). I love scenery and countryside for holidays and weekends, but for most of the time I prefer convenience.

GuinefortGrey Sat 01-Apr-17 14:00:19

House 2 for me. I live somewhere similar myself. However there are days when I feel very wistful for my old house which was lovely but much smaller and within a few mins walk of a shop and the school. I have to be more organised about things like milk and bread now I can't just "pop to the shop" and the endless driving to clubs and school runs is exhausting but then, I have 4 DC so some clubs and secondary school etc would probably still have required driving wherever we lived.

Just from reading your OP, it sounds to me like your preferred house on gut feeling is No 2.

Bluntness100 Sat 01-Apr-17 14:04:40

House 2 for me, no contest.

SnowGlobes Sat 01-Apr-17 14:12:07

Ooh this is a tricky one... we've done both...
You've made it very clear that house 2 is preferable. I don't think you or DH will have any issues driving or cycling to the station/work etc. BUT your DC may find it isolating unless there's a bus stop nearby and/or other houses with children around.
Our previous home was semi rural so I had to drive the DC's everywhere - to school (30 min drive), to the cinema (30 mins drive), friends scattered all over as no neighbours really. It was a huge house on an acre plot, with amazing views, chickens and a veg patch. All very idyllic and we had a fabulous 8 years there. However, it was becoming increasing difficult ferrying the children around, they couldn't be independent, and were definitely a bit isolated. So when we had to relocate to another area we decided that any house must be within a 10 min walk to public transport to get them to school, to a cinema, to life... We are renting such a house (until we find one to buy) that is a 5 min walk from a few little shops, a 10 min walk to the train station that's then 10 mins to school or 15 mins to a decent town with a cinema, leisure centre, etc etc. The children are in their element enjoying their new found freedom. So you I'd suggest house number one for when DC hits 13 ish, and house number 2 until then. Soooo tricky!

TomHaverford Sat 01-Apr-17 14:15:24

DC is only 2 so we have a long way to go before school runs. DH driving to work and a second car is not really a problem as the cost of a national rail ticket negates that.

I'm enchanted with house 2 but am worried that i'm trying to blindly look over any cons because it is so lovely. Have lived in the city all my life so house 2 feels like a leap in to the unknown although the 2 houses are only 6 minutes drive between them..

TomHaverford Sat 01-Apr-17 14:19:21

There is a bus stop in the village but only one per hour.

In my lusting for house number two i forgot to mention the big thing about the house- the house used to belong to a 200 acre farm which has been carved up and the land next to ours has been given planning permission for a 16 house estate. To me this doesn't really seem like an issue, as we wouldn't really be overlooked but it is a consideration in regards to things like traffic in the village, but may also improve things like this if there is more demand...

HeddaGarbled Sat 01-Apr-17 14:22:58

Problem is if it's your dream house but not your H's, it's not fair to push him into it against his wishes. Is he wavering too?

viques Sat 01-Apr-17 14:25:43

In view of your update, then house I. If you are going to have the inconvenience of neighbours then you might as well also have the convenience of shops, transport and schools.

Your child would probably love the excitement of living next to a building site (lorry!tractor!digger!) but I don't think you would.

TomHaverford Sat 01-Apr-17 14:26:02

He is also torn but perhaps a little more risk averse than me.

SnowGlobes Sat 01-Apr-17 14:28:01

If DC is only 2 I'd definitely go for house 2. So much can change in life before DC becomes a teen. We thought our last house was our forever house (8 yrs ago) but no one knows what's around the corner. If it's a dream then why not live the dream? Even if it isn't forever. It'll be so much fun but don't underestimate the amount of work involved in caring for an acre garden! Or a large listed house!
You mention house 2 being in a village - what makes it a village? Anything at all to walk to? A shop, a pub, a park - any of these will make a big difference too.

EllaHen Sat 01-Apr-17 14:28:16

I think House 1 ticks every box. I'd go for that.

SnowGlobes Sat 01-Apr-17 14:29:55

Argh! I missed your 2nd post about more houses! Mmmm?

TomHaverford Sat 01-Apr-17 14:30:56

There are two pubs, two care homes and a cafe. Apart from that its only houses but all mainly along one road.

buckyou Sat 01-Apr-17 14:31:11

House 2, but we've just moved into a house with land and a big garden and it's a pain in the arse to maintain! Just something to be aware of.

SnowGlobes Sat 01-Apr-17 14:33:26

I'm enchanted with house 2 but am worried that i'm trying to blindly look over any cons because it is so lovely.
I.e. The housing estate next door that's not yet begun?

SnowGlobes Sat 01-Apr-17 14:35:17

I'm back tracking and saying house number one or maybe keep looking if your heart isn't in number 1 house?

TomHaverford Sat 01-Apr-17 14:38:00

Yes housing estate is one, although we lived in a new build estate from right at the beginning at it didn't really bother us.

Thanks for everyones input although i'm even more torn as I had started to forget all the good points of House 1 too!

doublesnap Sat 01-Apr-17 14:53:59

House 2

Bluntness100 Sat 01-Apr-17 14:56:42

16 houses isn't that much and could make the area more desirable.

I'm biased, I live in a listed house in a three acre garden and yes. Like any house there is downsides, from garden maintenance to distance to public transport links. But honestly they pale into insignificance in comparison to the pleasure of living here. It's so pretty, such a lovely way to live and Quality of life. The houses only come up for sale every 30 or 40 years because no one moves until old age forces it.. It has been a money pit in terms of renovations, which would be more like your house number one, but still , I wouldn't consider swapping it for walking distance to the shops or train station and a more built up locale.

Yes we drive (or get taxis if drinking), we don't use the train a lot but it's a five min drive or taxi when we do. Yes we drove to take our daughter to school bus stop. But for a six min commute between the two houses I wouldn't consider living in house number one.

SkippiDiDoDah Sun 02-Apr-17 16:37:43

House 1

We lived the rural dream for a bit. It turned out a bit of a nightmare. Need milk? Get in the car. Birthday party? Get in the car. Fancy a trip out to the park/for an icecream? Get in the car. NIght out? Must have a taxi or car. DH had a few beers? Country roads a nightmare deathtrap to walk home along - get a taxi. Try to get a taxi? Miles from anywhere - you have to book about 27 trillion days in advance.

We now live in a lovely little town. Busses galore. 10 mins walk to the train station. Pubs, restaurants and cafes within walking distance. Shops and library in walking distance so DC (10 & 8yo) can walk there on their own.

I would never, ever, ever go back to the rural idyll. It was an utter, utter, utter ballache. Oh and those country roads? See above - nutters diving at 60/70mph along twisty roads so the prospect of a nice family bikeride - pah! Not if you want to live!

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