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Is this estate agent lying to me? Can a EA reveal how much a property sold for?

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kashmiribelle Fri 31-Mar-17 22:49:50

This property I am absolutely besotted with has been on the market since August 2016. It's now March 2017 and I only just saw the property a couple of weeks ago on Right Move and called up the estate agent straight away. They told me about two previous offers on the property - one was rejected, one was accepted but the mortgage didn't go through. This was a few months ago.

Anyway, so I go in and make an offer and suddenly someone else has made an offer and apparently 'the vendor asked for me to be informed of this other offer'. I find this hard to believe! How is it that months after there is no interest in the property, I make an offer and someone else puts in one the exact moment after?! (It literally was the exact moment after, the estate agent called me to let me know.)

Unknown to me, a short while later my sister had also put in an offer (we're moving in together) and basically the whole process got a little muddled as we were both basically putting in the same offers! I clarified and told the estate agent it was lack of communication between my sister and I that caused the mess, I apologised and told her we were basically one in the same and were looking to buy the property together.

A couple of days letter she told me the property has been sold. I asked how much the property sold for and the estate agent refused to tell me... is she lying that the house is sold because she thinks/assumes my sister and I were messing around?

Thank you.

kashmiribelle Fri 31-Mar-17 22:51:03

Also, I'll just say here that the 'other offer' was made before my sister made any phone calls. I checked the times with her and asked her which days she called on.

Tobuyornot99 Fri 31-Mar-17 22:52:30

Assuming it has been sstc you'll have to wait a couple of months for the sale to complete, and the final price will be public on Zoopla or similar. Is it still listed on Rightmove?

thegoodnameshadgone Fri 31-Mar-17 22:53:03

Who knows. It's such a murky area. You could always check online in a couple of months. Telly sorry you lost the house you wanted but it just means there is a better one coming up!!

busyboysmum Fri 31-Mar-17 22:54:11

You can check at the Land Registry also to see what price it sold for.

Gunpowder Fri 31-Mar-17 22:54:21

I don't know about this BUT a similar thing happened to my DPs on their dream house. IIRC they never found out what the estate agent was doing or if it was a dodgy offer or genuine. Anyway, they put a note through the door saying it was their dream house and if for any reason the other buyer didn't work out they would pay asking price. They got the house. smile

DanGleballs Fri 31-Mar-17 22:59:05

Once the house is registered to the new owner the sale price will be on the office copies of title. You can get the office copies for about £3.00 from the land registry.

wowfudge Sat 01-Apr-17 06:03:20

The EA isn't telling you what sale price has been agreed (it hasn't sold yet) because ime they never do until after exchange. Presumably this is the same house as the one your other thread is about? If you are going to make an offer they want to see how genuine you are; if they tell you the agreed sale price you could simply offer an extra £500 or £1000. The EA will be hoping you'll offer significantly more as it will give them more leverage with their client, who may be reluctant to welch on the deal they have already agreed. Also for the EA a higher offer may make little difference to their commission so they don't want to rock the boat for little gain.

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