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mazzamoo123 Fri 31-Mar-17 18:54:20

Hi there, we are thinking of moving to sanderstead from west Norwood for a quieter and leafier life. Does anyone have any advice? We're looking at a house on penwortham road tomorrow but have never visited the area. Transport links seem good but are there lots of young families around? Things to do for children? Are there cafes/restaurants/bars/shops within walking distance? It would be great to hear your thoughts... thank you!!

Chicoletta357 Fri 31-Mar-17 20:26:51

Great schools in Sanderstead- Ridgeway, Gresham and Atwood. (Catchments very small though so research the school Penwortham would allocate you) There are young families in the area and some good shops by the pond at the top of the hill. No pubs but some great parks and coffee shops. My 3ds were very happy there- good luck!

chalkyc2 Sun 02-Apr-17 06:09:57

I have family in sanderstead (and lived and went to school in south Croydon/Selsdon as a teenager). I always think if sanderstead as the area around the limpsfield road shops and Gresham school - it's lovely there and very family friendly, but less convenient for direct access to trains. The recreation ground is nice and there are a few cafes, cute little kids shoe shop etc. I know the area down towards the railway/a23 less well - there is a parade of shops I think?
I also used to live in west Norwood pre marriage/children. Why do you want to move to sanderstead?

pinkdelight Sun 02-Apr-17 08:30:40

Famously (on here at least) there are no pubs/bars in Sanderstead due to a 16thC covenant, so it's the 'dryest village' in the country. But very nice in other ways, esp schools. (Although I'd stay in West Norwood - it's coming up, finally!).

mazzamoo123 Tue 04-Apr-17 19:04:15

We want to move to sanderstead for a quieter life, less litter and more space! But worried a lack of pubs and restaurants might be a problem. Where do people go for a drink? Is there anywhere a walk away?! Penwortham was no good so we're looking at one on ownstead gardens next weekend... anyone know it? Thanks so much fir your messages! I do love west norwood but now that we have children I'm craving a big garden! Our other option at the moment is Shortlands (between beckenham and Bromley)

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