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Can anyone tell me what these are?

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NoFucksImAQueen Fri 31-Mar-17 17:53:43

New fence installed today and on one side of the gravel boards it's all like this. The rest is smooth like it should be.

Gingernaut Fri 31-Mar-17 17:59:03

They're the remnants of air bubbles that formed on the surface of the wet concrete as it dried rapidly in the mould.

NoFucksImAQueen Fri 31-Mar-17 18:00:51

Will they go away? They look awful

JigglyTuff Fri 31-Mar-17 18:02:37

No, they're concrete. Once it's set, it's set

NoFucksImAQueen Fri 31-Mar-17 18:07:39

Oh no. Should I contact the people? Would you? It's all over 2 boards and 3 posts, not just a little bit

NoFucksImAQueen Fri 31-Mar-17 18:46:14


ohidoliketobebesidethecoast Fri 31-Mar-17 18:50:08

Looks like bubbles from when the mix was setting (when the boards were made), but don't know why it would have happened. The bloke installing probably saw it as structurally OK, so may not have realised the appearance would bother you.

CakeCultureIsAMYTH Fri 31-Mar-17 20:58:07

I couldn't live with that but I have a bit of that tricophobia thingy (spelling?)

I'd definitely call them back to sort - not only unsightly but a dirt trap I'd think. May encourage unwanted insects (no idea).

NoFucksImAQueen Fri 31-Mar-17 22:26:33

Apparently it's normal. Iv looked on google and a few posts saying about etiquette with neighbours and who gets the "rough" side when installing a fence.
I'm going to see if I can sand it down, it's really bugging me and strangely making my skin crawl arghhhh

heffalumpshavewrinkles Fri 31-Mar-17 22:37:06

Can you grow something in front of it?

Gingernaut Sat 01-Apr-17 12:11:51

If you're responsible for the fence, you show the best side to the neighbour.

That's why those fencing panels are so popular - they look the same both sides.

Maverickismywingman Sat 01-Apr-17 12:16:41

This should have a trypophobia warning. Eep.

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