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Fitted wardrobes in central London - any recommendations?

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Margot2017 Fri 31-Mar-17 13:33:56

I need them for several rooms and am willing to pay for decent quality, but don't want something that costs the earth. I've spoken to one cabinetmaker who had very good reviews but is extremely expensive. We'll need something bespoke because of the spaces, so off the peg isn't really an option.

dynevoran Fri 31-Mar-17 23:54:40

Zac at Lycan design did my kitchen and makes gorgeous wardrobes.

OnePlanOnHouzz Sat 01-Apr-17 07:02:34

Lamco do lots of London projects - but due to high demand there may be a bit if a wait ! Fab product !! Well worth the wait in my professional opinion !

aquagrace Sat 01-Apr-17 07:41:40

Custom Carpentry - my particular carpenter has moved away but company is highly recommended

PenguindreamsofDraco Sat 01-Apr-17 11:03:49

I used a guy called Ben Bater. Think he is Kent based. He did a phenomenal job, we'll definitely use him again .

hiddenmnetter Sat 01-Apr-17 11:05:45

How much do you want to spend?

Margot2017 Sat 01-Apr-17 20:35:55

I'm not sure yet, but would like decent quality.

nightswimming1 Sat 01-Apr-17 20:36:40

Joe Parker Furniture

Margot2017 Sat 01-Apr-17 21:02:39

Thank you all for your suggestions, much appreciated.

hiddenmnetter Sat 01-Apr-17 21:13:46

The amount you're willing to spend changes things drastically-

You could get PAX wardrobes from ikea (we have those) and they're quite cheap, decent quality, finance available, and come in variable widths of 50, 75 & 100cm. They're also fully customisable inside and if you want them to be "fitted" it wouldn't take much to put something around them to make them look built in. Fitting into the alcoves in our bedroom they cost £800 and were delivered. They took a few hours to erect with a friend helping me.

I'm currently putting in fitted Welsh dresser style shelves in the alcoves in my living room made of MDF to be painted for their finish. The materials for that, fully finished, will cost around £600. Add in labour for 2 or so days and you're talking the £1,000-£1,200 mark (if you want wardrobes you would add a little more because of the doors).

If you want something made of nice wood sanded and oiled or varnished the materials cost shoots to about £1,500 and labour will be more because the material is harder to work with and takes more to finish (although it looks better). Fitted wardrobes made of solid oak would probably cost you the better part of £2,500-£3,000.

You could always mix and match- if you got the wardrobes made of MDF you can get oak veneer that sticks on like a laminate- so MDF wardrobes with an oak veneer with solid oak doors would cost around £2,000.

These are all guesses- not being a carpenter I don't know what they charge but based on materials cost and an approximate labour cost of £200/day (in London) I think they give you a sense of what the cost might be.

natzjane1981 Fri 28-Apr-17 14:42:14

I can highly recommend - Peter can give you a quote I am sure, dependany on what your budget is. He is based in Hampshire so unsure if that would effect the budget - worth a call though. smile


Neolara Fri 28-Apr-17 16:13:36

We are get wardrobe fitted into all our bedrooms. The architect suggested using Ikea Pax carcasses and getting a carpenter to put on nice doors and build in shelving / edges to fit the space perfectly.

To give you an idea of cost for fully bespoke, 2 carpenters quoted wardrobes for our bedroom to fit approx 3.5meters of space with a funny layout. Both quotes came to approx £5.5k plus Vat. We going with Ikea.

Neolara Fri 28-Apr-17 16:15:15

Sorry, my previous post wasn't clear. Fully bespoke, not using pax system = £5.5k plus Vat. Pax system plus bespoke doors = loads cheaper.

Margot2017 Sat 29-Apr-17 07:37:28

Neolara, that sounds like a very interesting option. I've now received similar quotes and we've got three rooms to do. Did you only use the carcasses and then have everything else built by a carpenter? I hadn't realised the carcasses would make such a difference in the overall cost.

sergeipetrovsky Fri 30-Jun-17 08:47:00

Check fitted wardrobe companies like

They are really good for it

natzjane1981 Wed 05-Jul-17 13:18:02

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