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PiglestJohn...a pic of my immersion tank

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Idefix Fri 31-Mar-17 08:27:36

Currently trying to work out our options, no plumber has got back to us so we have plenty of time...

Our house has a backboiler and an immersion heater and terrible water pressure. The house is very squat with very low ceilings 5'10" dh has to duck through every door and can touch the ceilings from the floor the cold water tank is in the attic.

Currently there is a bath with a ?telephone shower/mixer tap.

Is it possible to have a pump fitted to boost this system or would we get a stronger shower if we had an electric shower.

Dh reported the pressure is very poor in all the taps. The house is old, 1800. Going to try the stopcock suggestion you suggested on another thread PJ.

PigletJohn Fri 31-Mar-17 10:17:29

The cold tap in the kitchen should be higher pressure because it should come straight off the watermain.

The others are probably fed from the loft tank. Have a look because if there is sediment or drowned wildlife in the tank the pipes might be clogged.

The hot water cylinder appears to be cream which I have not seen before.

I am guessing the house is old and it might have a lead or steel incoming water pipe of half-inch internal diameter. If so it is of an age when it might be leaking. Ask the water co to test the drinking water for lead content.

I get the impression this is a house you have recently bought or are thinking of buying.

Idefix Fri 31-Mar-17 11:58:57

We bought the house 18mths ago but move in next week! Has been rented out after our work in Europe was extended and we have never lived there.

Weeping at the dead animal in tank but will be checking! I wonder about general crap,mee also live in a very bad area for lime scale I wonder about that too. We have ordered a water softener for the house.

We were initially told we would need a water meter to be installed but they inspected the outside of the property and said it would be impractical. I think the system will be very old, however the stopcock appears to have been moved recently as it is in the porch which is only 10yrs old.

I am wondering if it is possible to get a pump if the tank is fed by the backboiler as well as having an immersion heater fitted to it.

Really hope one of the plumbers I have msg will get back to me, might start trying again. I find it really hard to know when is a good time to phone...

Lucisky Fri 31-Mar-17 12:23:17

We had poor water pressure, but strangely our neighbours didn't. Turned out it was the stopcock outside that had been damaged when the pavement was dug up. Was fixed free of charge by the water Co. Ask at the houses around you what their pressure is like.

Idefix Fri 31-Mar-17 13:20:30

That's a good idea, we only have one immediate neighbour but they are attached to us so will ask when we get there next Friday!

Hoping for a good start with them as they complained about our tenants via the agency shock, worried that our cards maybe marked too!

PigletJohn Fri 31-Mar-17 15:52:07

As you have a cylinder and a cold water tank, you can have a pumped shower if you want. A few showers are available with their own pump inside the casing on the wall. You may need to fit a new, larger cold water tank, with a close-fitting plastic lid and an insulating jacket. If the old one is small it might run dry when pumped, which is tiresome. The lid will keep wildlife out. You can get good results with a modern tank and cylinder.

You can heat a cylinder with a backboiler, or a gas boiler, or a multifuel stove, or an immersion heater, or any combination of them. The immersion heater will cost the most to run. Modern practice is to have larger, well-insulated cylinders as small ones will hardly do one bath or big shower. It does not matter if they are slow to heat if they hold plenty of hot water.

Only pump the shower, as it will be annoyingly noisy. You may need to run new pipes. If you use chromed ones, coming down from the ceiling to the mixer, they are not unsightly.

Have a look at the incoming pipes. If lead or iron they may be small and leaky. If lead, ask your water co to test the drinking water for lead content. There might be a lead replacement subsidy.

Run the bath hot tap into a bucket, time it to full, calculate how many litres per minute it delivers.

Then do the same with the shower, then take the head off the hose and see how much the hose can deliver.

Then do it at the COLD tap at the kitchen sink.

What are the numbers?

This will help determine if your house can support a combi or an unvented cylinder.

Idefix Fri 31-Mar-17 19:51:03

Will look forward to doing the bucket test!
We have no gas where we are so will probably be keeping the coal fired room heater and back boiler. Shall start looking at pumps.

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