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Buy to let mortgage rejection query

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PlectrumElectrum Thu 30-Mar-17 17:35:24

Just had an application rejected & the value they came back with was £15k less than property valued at 5 years ago. Just wondering to what extent that can be put down to just not wanting to approve the mortgage & how much is a genuine reflection of the property value. The condition of the property hasn't changed much compared to 5 yrs ago & I'm stumped over the big drop in value. It's made my new purchase unaffordable so I'm just wondering if my mortgage advisor is stringing me along in saying another lender would value more or if it's time to ditch the plan & go back to scratch.

Obviously no one can comment on value as you don't know anything about my flat grin but just wondering if this is common. Genuinely didn't expect such a low value & it's put me in s tricky position.

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