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How much conveyancing fees did you pay?

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RaisinsAndApple Thu 30-Mar-17 13:23:13

I need to instruct a conveyancing solicitor for sale of a leasehold flat with a few minor complications and purchase of a house.

So far I've had 2 quotes:
- Online 'no move no fee' fixed quote from Which's recommended solicitors, but who get mixed reviews online: £3500 all in (quote based on v basic details)
- High st quote - legal fees fixed but disbursements not - really positive reviews, quote based on detailed convo about move and the complications: £5000

Online quote not based in large city, so may not have the knowledge of leasehold to navigate obstacles quickly and effectively.
High street is based on large city so leasehold is their bread and butter, and the solicitor seemed very open, honest, transparent on the phone, but obv not fixed and more expensive.

I'm in the South East. Do either (or both) of those figures sound crazy expensive for the region, or like a good deal? I'm pretty clueless.

NameNotANumber Thu 30-Mar-17 13:27:23

I think solicitors base their fee on the sale / purchase price of the property, so without knowing those figures it is hard to say.

RaisinsAndApple Thu 30-Mar-17 13:31:33

Sale 700k, buying around 550-600k (depending on house - not certain which yet)

EssentialHummus Thu 30-Mar-17 13:32:15

Both of those seem very high to me. I'm in London. Bought leasehold flat 4 years ago, paid £700 for high street solicitor/conveyancer. Now buying leasehold flat again, paying c. £800 for a solicitor - she is based in Eastbourne and is frankly astonishing on what has been a very complicated transaction. (She also did a BTL purchase for us - c. £800.)

EssentialHummus Thu 30-Mar-17 13:32:56

name in our case the figures span £125k - £600k, no difference in price.

RaisinsAndApple Thu 30-Mar-17 14:00:26

Wow - is that presumably just the legal fees excluding disbursements?

Would you recommend either solicitor? Any chance you could PM me their details? EA has told me I need to have someone instructed by end of tomorrow and I'm stressing out!

EssentialHummus Thu 30-Mar-17 14:09:11

Yes, that is just legal fees. Disbursements in each case came to under £500, so still nowhere near the quotes you've had.

I wouldn't recommend the first one I used, but would recommend the second very highly - we've had such a complicated purchase process and she has really held things together brilliantly. Will PM you.

sparechange Thu 30-Mar-17 14:38:33

Those sound high

We are paying less than that for a sale and purchase which both higher priced than yours (granted, both freehold) using a central London law firm

We also got a couple of quotes for comparison via our estate agent, and they were broadly the same, give or take £200, but we wanted to use the law firm near our work so we can get in easily to sign paperwork etc

I can PM you the details of the solicitors, but this is breakdown of our purchase quote:

Solicitors fee: £1,200.00
Searches: £236.43
Mortgage work for lender: £100.00
Bank transfer fee (per transfer): £40.00
Stamp Duty Land Tax Return: £75.00
Land Registry Fee: £455.00
ID check (per person): £20.00
Bankruptcy Search per person: £2.00
Land Registry Search or less: £8.00
Sub Total: £2,136.43

RaisinsAndApple Thu 30-Mar-17 14:58:17

Yes please sparechange and thanks essential!

RaisinsAndApple Thu 30-Mar-17 15:10:44

Thank you spare!

RaisinsAndApple Thu 30-Mar-17 19:05:27

Argh, it must be the leasehold issue I assume - now have 6 quotes and none under £3000. Is no move no fee worth it - given it's only offered by the online ones, so I'd be worried about service level?

Blankscreen Thu 30-Mar-17 19:55:55

Please do not use an online firm.

The are awful (generally) and can really slow down a transaction and i doubt you will ever be able to speak to anyone with any legal knowledge on the phone.

All i would.say is look at what you are paying your estate agent for doing far less work for for less risk than your solicitor and the see if the quote seems high?

I'm amazed at firms doing complicated transactions for £800 i cant see how they make any money???

Blankscreen Thu 30-Mar-17 19:58:33

Space change the quote for your searches seems very low. Which searches are included?

ZeldaWasMyGransName Thu 30-Mar-17 20:13:47

That seems high. Also South East, about £900 to sell house, £1200ish including disimbursements to buy leasehold flat couple of years ago.

RaisinsAndApple Thu 30-Mar-17 20:44:09

So does it sound reasonable then blankscreen? I'm genuinely clueless. I'm resigned to the price since that seems to be the going rate, and as you say they are doing a lot of work for it. I liked a couple of the proper high street solicitors who I spoke to on the phone, if I wasn't worried about money I'd prefer to choose one of them - I'm just terrified of extra costs if anything falls through at the last minute. That's (obviously) why I'm tempted by the no move no fee deal. But then I don't want to lose a sale due to crappy conveyancing. Argh. Totalling stressing now on so many levels confused

sparechange Thu 30-Mar-17 21:30:40

My council is (in)famous for having very low council tax, so I assume they don't charge much for searches either?

kernowgal Thu 30-Mar-17 21:57:03

I'm south west and mine came to approx £1,200 including searches (which included several mining-related ones due to historic activity in the area). Purchase price was £130k. I got three quotes and went for the middle one, which was also the one closest to home.

I got a quote via the estate agent's central conveyancers and when I declined it they were pretty threatening and rude. Which just made me think fuck 'em, I'll go with the local lot. Who were very good.

Blankscreen Thu 30-Mar-17 22:47:10

What is the leasehold.issue? Is it a lease extension?

wohmum Thu 30-Mar-17 22:51:11

Don't go with a cheap Internet only service - I nearly dumped our buyer because of theirs - they were incredibly slow and sent out documents with the wrong price on 4 times!!

Heatherjayne1972 Fri 31-Mar-17 05:47:19

£4600. For everything. Stamp duty searches her fee etc
South east England here ( not London)

MaverickSnoopy Fri 31-Mar-17 06:05:56

Not clear what your leasehold issue is but our last house was leasehold (new build six years ago) - also south east and for a 2 bed we paid approx £1k all in. Don't go for an online one.

randomsabreuse Fri 31-Mar-17 06:24:49

Definitely go for a local one where you have a solicitor or licensed conveyancer as your main point of contact. Worth every penny as it's far quicker and issues can be dealt with well. If it's a regional issue, a good local firm will be more clued up than a good national firm anyway.

Our transaction was obviously someone's nightmare file, sat on several trainees' desks with just enough movement to make the file fat and messy for several years before we bought it. Messy post divorce sale and done for the quote but I expect a decent amount of time was written off.

RaisinsAndApple Fri 31-Mar-17 06:38:33

There's no particular issue. I did have a neighbour dispute which was totally and demonstrably resolved so that we now have each other's keys - so maybe that's it. I'm just guessing that's why thy have all come in around the same price.

heatherjayne I'm kind of relieved to hear that some one else has paid a lot!

I've got to instruct today, so have to go for one of the quotes I have in. Thank you for all the advice, I will go for a local one.

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