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Opinions on Ramsbottom?

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lauren23 Wed 29-Mar-17 16:30:30

My OH has just started a job covering the whole of Manchester..currently looking for somewhere to live. We love Knutsford but there isn't much on the market there at the moment we love so we are exploring other areas. I was just wondering what Ramsbottom is like? Is it good for families? Is there much to do? We have a nearly 2yo. Thank you!

bk1981 Wed 29-Mar-17 18:43:51

I grew up in Ramsbottom and my parents still live there.
The town is nice with a few resturants, pubs little shops etc. There's a couple of small parks there too and lovely walks over the hills on your doorstep.
It's close to the motorway and about a 45 minute drive to Manchester itself, or you can drive to the next town and catch the tram to Manchester. Hope this helps!

BillyJoel Thu 30-Mar-17 00:13:29

Ramsbottom is good for families. my sister and 3 boys live there, as do two cousins both with small children and there is plenty to do for outdoorsy families. Looking ahead, schools are good. it's now a trendy place with lots of lovely little shops as well as all the supermarkets. the town traders make a big effort to get visitors in with chocolate festivals, black pudding throwing competition, festival weekends. it keeps the town alive and keeps the shops open.

memyselfandaye Thu 30-Mar-17 00:19:12

I saw this in active convos and honestly thought it was going to be a baby name one, I was going to ask if you had been on the pipe but it's not even the worst name I've seen mentioned. grin

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