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Neighbour claims roofing issues are linked to our building work...

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WhatsForYeWontGoByYe Wed 29-Mar-17 12:19:58

Hello - advice please!
Six months ago we had a loft conversion done (as in, all the external building work/drilling was finished six months ago). Before the work began, our conjoined neighbours requested a condition survey, which we agreed to at our expense. It flagged up (among other things) that her roof wasn't in great condition. Yesterday, a few of my neighbour's roof tiles came down. She is now claiming they have been dislodged as a result of our building work, and wants us to rectify the damage.
I'm reluctant to agree to anything without some guidance as to whether it's our fault - although obviously we'll pay up if it is.
Do we get the surveyor back, and can we be held liable for her roof issues if it was in bad condition in the first place?

Kiroro Wed 29-Mar-17 13:24:20

Assuming you have done this properly with a party wall agreement.... get the surveyor back. The party wall agreement should protect both parties.

HiDBandSIL Wed 29-Mar-17 17:14:10

Doesn't a party wall surveyor do an inspection after the work is complete. Could you not argue that if it wasn't identified then it isn't related to your building work?

WhatsForYeWontGoByYe Wed 29-Mar-17 18:24:26

Thanks - yes, was done properly with party wall agreement etc. Managed to dig out the condition survey and it actually mentions loose tiles in the area they've just fallen from so hoping that protects us... if this was flagged up before, can we/the builders be held liable for dislodging them? Or will the prior poor condition absolve us?

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