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This is the yucky part of the build right? Please tell me it gets better!

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Wiifitmama Mon 27-Mar-17 22:01:03

We are mid refurb plus extension. We are not living there thankfully! The first 1/3 was exciting. Watching the walls on the extension going up - seeing internal walls moved. So much to see in terms of change and it was all new. Plus, as we know nothing about structure, there were really no worries or questions for us to ask (we do have a structural surveyor checking for us!).

We are now at first fix (which thankfully is almost finished). Mess everywhere. Destruction rather than construction. Constant questioning ourselves if we are doing the right thing about plug socket placements, light placements etc. Constant worry about forgetting something or the builders forgetting something. I am not enjoying this part at all! And of course, with my husband at work full time while I am only part time, I am the one dealing with it all.

At the end of this week, first fix should be finished and they will have all the plaster board on walls, ceilings etc. The screed will be down over the underfloor heating in the extension parts. So I am thinking at this point it gets better right? Visually we see progress right? And some of the mess goes? And we can't change things at that point so less decisions to make?

Please someone reassure me so I can get through this week!

ShouldHaveListenedInBiology Mon 27-Mar-17 22:08:07

Yes. Sounds like you are over the worst, when are you planning to move in? Things can and will happen very quickly, you'll see a lot of changes and once it's all plastered it's much easier to visualise the rooms as they will be. And then it's on to the fun bit of choosing decor!

Wiifitmama Mon 27-Mar-17 22:23:44

It is due to finish at the end of April. And the builders say they are on track - plus our contract penalises them if they are late (unless it is our fault!). So we will hopefully be in early May. All decor is chosen but hard to visualise it in the mess! I will hang onto hope that you are right and things will move quickly now!

SnowGlobes Mon 27-Mar-17 22:46:06

Light at the end of the tunnel! You'll soon be celebrating 🥂🥂

JaniceBattersby Mon 27-Mar-17 22:57:08

Yes, that's my worst bit. We've renovated / extended four times now, although we've lived there while we've done it. First fix is when the build seems to have been going on forever, there's shit everywhere and, my God, the dust. As soon as the plaster is on the walls though, everything feels lovely and new and there's a lot less dust. You can even start painting! Keep the faith!

bouncydog Wed 29-Mar-17 13:53:07

We've done it several times living through the mess. Once it's replastered and the floors are down that helps. More mess to come from the rubbing down and filling to get the walls and woodwork perfect. Tip for when you finish - get professional cleaners in for a post build clean - makes an enormous difference as you get a property to move back into that's clean and tidy. There will still be dust for a few months, but at least you will know how nice it can look!

lalalonglegs Wed 29-Mar-17 14:01:04

Yes, it definitely gets better although be prepared for the builders to say things like: "We're tiling the bathroom tomorrow, where are the tiles?" when you haven't even chosen them yet.

Also, although things will look a bit better every day, the house never really looks finished until it is finished, iyswim. It just looks less worse until the very final jobs are done.

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