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Where can I get CAD Files created from my drawings?

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cloughie100 Sun 26-Mar-17 13:32:44

I need CAD drawings created from my kitchen sketch - I know that I can pay for CAD software but I would rather pay someone to do it for me!
Has anyone paid for CAD drawings?

cathyandclare Sun 26-Mar-17 15:15:59

Could you check on a freelancers' website like people per hour, there are all sort of people with all sorts of skills?

CurlyMango Sun 26-Mar-17 20:12:41

Can I see your sketch?

OnePlanOnHouzz Sun 26-Mar-17 22:24:00

What format do you need ? I can export my work into DXF files ?

Stokey Sun 26-Mar-17 22:29:05

One of my friends is an interior designer and is doing this. She's charging a slightly lower day rate but reckons it'll take a couple of days.

cloughie100 Sun 26-Mar-17 22:32:31

Thanks for replies , we currently have the plan as an IKEA kitchen plan and want to get a cad drawing done so that we can send it to CNC company to cut doors etc for kitchen

engineersthumb Mon 27-Mar-17 05:16:08

I'm not familiar with ikea kitchen plans butility I assume it's not a full 3d model. You can't convert a sketch into a 3d model as such as it doesn't contain the required information. Kitchens tend to be made of off the shelf standard components so there are not really any cnc operations that I can think of. If you want bespoke doors then sketch up what you want and get a joinery to make it, it's unlikely they'll use a cnc process for a small run. Typically you would use standard widths such as 300/400/600mm to fit standard carcass dims. Every thing should be made square and fitted to the kitchen using packing where required rather than trying to makeep it to the wall profile etc. Hope this helps.

CurlyMango Mon 27-Mar-17 08:35:28

I design in CAD and can do output in a dwg format. engieenrsthumb is correct, its basically redrawing either Ikea's layout or another in dwg format with standard units. They (suppliers) don't provide in a usable output for others to take thir layout and buy the units elsewhere.

cloughie100 Mon 27-Mar-17 09:14:43

Thanks, that's exactly what we want to do, use the ikea plan to then get drawing for bespoke kitchen. We have a CNC place lined up who will do the cutting even though it's a small job but they need CAD plan

engineersthumb Mon 27-Mar-17 18:03:23

I don't think that you need to model the full kitchen. It would mame swnce to use standard Carcasses unless it's really unusual. If you have to have the doors and draw fronts machined in a cnc process it's only those you need to draw. There is no pint I cnc cutting worktops or kicking boards as no room is that regular in shape/square. Even if you are going to make special carcasses cnc is not the only/best option, is there a reason why your so interested in how the units/fronts are produced?

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