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chelseatrip Sat 25-Mar-17 10:27:24

Can anyone recommend boxes to purchase for moving house please and where to purchase?

ijustwannadance Sat 25-Mar-17 10:37:49

I bought these from amazon

Are you using a removal company? If so then they may give you boxes free that you then return after the move.

Also worth looking on freecycle etc. I googled free cardboard boxes in my area and a local toy supplier gave away all it's large shipping boxes that the toys arrived at the warehouse in.

chelseatrip Sat 25-Mar-17 11:42:00

Thank you that's great 👍

user1484830599 Sat 25-Mar-17 12:31:46

Ask friends who have moved recently.

Also Lidl, they give away the big cardboard crates that have bananas etc in, they are really useful for books etc.

johnd2 Sat 25-Mar-17 12:48:51

Yeah you can't beatr free from supermarkets, get a few different sizes and get twice as many as you think you need. We went to asda every day for almost a week at shelf attacking time!
My big tip is check the quality, we thought the crisp boxes were a great size but they're not designed for anything heavier, so half of them broke on the way. Veg boxes are good especially the melon ones! Anything big and heavy.
Good luck with the move!

ijustwannadance Sat 25-Mar-17 14:42:33

Local pubs too. Wine cases and the boxes they get spirits dilivered in are extra strong.

chelseatrip Sat 25-Mar-17 15:34:46

Brilliant thanks so much

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