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Doors leaning down?

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CalineF Fri 24-Mar-17 15:57:51

Is it normal for doors in a newly built property to lean down after two years?
All our door tops are showing one inch plus gap from the top corner opposing the hinges. Consequently, the door-top-edges opposing the hinges are rubbing on their door frames?
I was told by contractors it is normal. I am not sure about that.

JT05 Fri 24-Mar-17 16:10:06

Err, no! They have either been hung wrongly, there's some sort of shrinkage or there could be a problem with the lintel.
You should activate your guarantee and get a surveyor, I would question it in an old house, let alone a new one.

PigletJohn Fri 24-Mar-17 17:17:26

photo of the door would help.

Has the door gone trapezoid, or are the hinges loose?

Have you been swinging on them?

CalineF Sun 02-Apr-17 23:34:19

Apology. I can not take good photos to demonstrate how the doors have leaned down on their sides because all doors are in the same hallway. They are quite large doors over 80 cm wide. I attach a few photos. The floor seems to have dropped. There is a gap between the floor base and the skirtings.

CalineF Sun 02-Apr-17 23:40:03

The door metal strips were bowing up and had to be drilled back against the floor.

CalineF Mon 03-Apr-17 00:08:38

Even our front door hardwood treshold strip was bowing up and had to be drilled down.
The widest gaps between the skirtings and the flooring are the sides where the doors are leaning down.
I hope it helps.

CalineF Mon 03-Apr-17 01:26:49

@JT05 I attempted to pay for an MRICS surveyor but I was informed I can not because the property belongs to Bellway Homes Ltd and only our landlord can bring in a surveyor. Our newly built home is a Peabody Affordable Rent property.

whatsthecomingoverthehill Mon 03-Apr-17 12:25:38

Looks like you've got some movement going on to me...

CalineF Mon 03-Apr-17 13:10:59

@whatsthecomingoverthehill is movement bad?

whatsthecomingoverthehill Mon 03-Apr-17 20:32:04

Depends what you mean by bad. Vast majority of the time it's annoying rather than dangerous. But it's tricky if you're renting to get the landlord interested (I don't know the particulars of your Peabody thing I'm afraid).

CalineF Mon 03-Apr-17 23:47:03

@whatsthecomingoverthehill Thank you. I'll just keep an eye on it. I am not sure if it is a coincidence but the movement seems to be around the bathroom. There is a corrosion stain protruding throw our bathroom's cream nylon flooring. It could be related like it could not.

PigletJohn Tue 04-Apr-17 00:11:55

looking at the top of that door, I can't see a lean.

Stand back and get the whole door and frame in.

Unless the painting on the architrave is exceptionally bad, that looks like an old house, not a new one.

PigletJohn Tue 04-Apr-17 00:13:56

the top hinge looks distorted, as if it has not been correctly fitted. Do you have to give the door an extra push to make it latch, and does it spring out when you turn the handle?

MissDuke Tue 04-Apr-17 06:43:11

I was also thinking it looks like an old house! So is this a housing association house? You don't own it, right?

CalineF Tue 04-Apr-17 11:19:22

@MissDuke It is a newly built housing association property. Built and completed by Bellway Homes Ltd in October 2014. It is a top and third-floor apartment. I don't own it and I don't plan to buy it. There are too many issues with it. However, we don't intend to move property util my child is eleven years old. We are trying to get the defects, settlements and repairs dealt with asap to make our staying comfortable and enjoyable .

whatsthecomingoverthehill Tue 04-Apr-17 12:09:30

The reason I suspect movement is because of things like: the crack in the corner of the door architrave and corresponding crack in the wall above; sealant has been used along the bottom of the skirting (why?) but has subsequently opened up again. It may just be bad workmanship, or there might be some movement of the building. But it's not a massive amount. Could you ask you neighbours if they have any issues? My house has got loads of cracks when you really begin to look, but I'm not worried that it's going to fall down.

CalineF Tue 04-Apr-17 17:42:43

@PigletJohn It is impossible for me to stand back and take a photo with the full frame in. The doors are opposite one another in our hallway. Those photos are the best I can do.

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