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Burglar alarms and keyholding: ADT vs Verisure vs others?

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SouthLondonDaddy Tue 21-Mar-17 15:22:12

I am interested in recommendations for a burglar alarm system (preferably wireless) + keyholding/alarm response service. We live in a flat and have the alarm mainly as deterrent: access to our flat is quite easy via two balconies, and installing proper security doors on the balconies would be very expensive. I'm not interested in DYI non-monitored alarms.

We live in SE London, zone 2. We currently have a wireless alarm with ADT, and a keyholding and alarm response contract with Banham CMS keyholding. The keyholding company sends someone on a motorcycle to inspect the property if the alarm goes off, plus of course they'd open the door for us if we ever lost the keys / got mugged etc.

We currently pay ca. £27 per month for ADT and about £250 per year for the keyholding.

When we went with ADT about 3 years ago, I remember Banham was way more expensive.
I have heard of people with Verisure ( ) ; the system seems more advanced, with CCTV and guard response, so it could probably replace the ADT + keyholding combination.

Has anyone heard of Verisure? I haven't asked for a detailed quote yet. Or maybe other alternatives?


DrRajKumar Thu 23-Nov-17 23:25:39

Verisure is way more advanced with cameras inside the PIR detectors so that the monitoring service can see if movement is a pet or burglar before raising alarm.
Little more expensive than ADT, but with remote access and phone view app Im going to sign up for Verisure

Ragusa Thu 23-Nov-17 23:36:30

Never ever go with ADT. They are terrible, and I dong moan about companies much.

Unethical business model with high (and unpublished) callout charges for the tiniest thing.

Their monitoring is crappy crapola. Our alarm went off at 3am while we were elsewhere in EU and they called our keyholders in the middle of the night.... and then told us that there is no way of disabling the alarm remotely. At all.

Wanted £800 to refit 4 sensors after some building work. The engineer took all of sbout an hour and a half to do that. So, givdn the sensors are worth about £30 each maximum, a total cost of £425 per hour for labour alone.

Oh, and their tie in period is .... 3 years. They have over a barrel.

Seriously, read ADT reviews online. They are appaling.

Ragusa Thu 23-Nov-17 23:36:54

Dong! Hahaha! Obviously meant dont.

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