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Moving from Scotland to England

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catlover1987 Tue 21-Mar-17 14:08:57

Hi there. Has anyone moved from Scotland to England? If so, did you have to have two sets of solicitors? Thanks.

aliceinwanderland Tue 21-Mar-17 14:14:46

I haven't but I am lawyer. You will need an English qualified solicitor for the English purchase and a scottish one for the sale. But there are quite a few that are dual qualified who can do both. Try some of the larger scots firms and they will be able to do this.

CountMagnus Tue 21-Mar-17 14:54:07

We sold our house in Scotland with the local solicitors and used them to handle the sale, and used an English conveyancer to buy a house in England (used one recommended by our vendor's estate agents). The two systems are very different.

catlover1987 Tue 21-Mar-17 15:30:29

Thank you both. I studied law so am aware of the differences in the two legal systems (but work in tax law so no experience in practice.) just wasn't sure of the practicalities. Will try and find a firm that can do both.

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