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Moving to.. Canterbury?

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AMC123 Sun 19-Mar-17 18:26:27

Hi All!

My husband and I are giving some serious thought to relocating to Canterbury from
South East London. We both know the area well. Reasons for moving are because we would like to be able afford a house there (unlike London) and we could hopefully afford to live on my husbands salary so I could be at home with our toddler and if our family expands!

Anyway, I just wanted to run past some Canterbury mums and dad's a few questions if I may?

Preschool/Nursery recommendations?
School recommendations?
Toddler/Baby Group recommendations?
Local area? Where is good for families to live? We prefer the north of the city as close to the centre as possible (but not the student end!) however know that the south side is considered to be nicer. Why is this? Are the houses just generally nicer?
What are the local GP/Healthcare services like? (I think we have been spoilt here)
Would you say Canterbury is a good place to raise for a family?

That's all I can think of for now but I'd appreciate people's recommendations/views!

Thank you so much! :-) x

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