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Converting timber garage into annexe

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hooliodancer Fri 17-Mar-17 15:25:35

Has anyone ever done this?

The garage has a concrete floor, pitched roof (will need replacing as it's corrugated iron!) and already has electric and water.

Realistically, how much would it cost? I read a book about a woman who did it, and hers only cost about 10k. I am budgeting 25k for everything. Can it be done?! Thanks.

dancingqueen345 Sat 18-Mar-17 08:51:05

Yes that can definitely be done for £25k! You could knock it down and rebuild bigger for that budget!

For context- I've just had quotes for a single storey rear extension (3m x 6m) plus a half second storey (3m x 3m) and all came in around £30k-£35k. Granted this is just to a plaster finish so excludes the kitchen units and any above standard doors (I.e bifold) but still!

I'm in the north west.

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