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Howdens kitchens

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LagoDiComo Thu 16-Mar-17 21:31:37

Could anyone clarify for me whether it is possible to get a Howdens kitchen design without already having your builder? Obviously it is trade only but I just want the design, so I can determine whether I want one of their kitchens and to show it to prospective builders. When I called my local branch, they said I had to have a builder to have a designer visit. TIA

ZigZagIntoTheBlue Thu 16-Mar-17 21:34:38

You need a nice builder or tradesperson to get a brochure etc for you. Fwiw they are the same kitchens as wickes, just a lot cheaper! We measured everything, went to wickes and got printouts of the design. Got brochure from our friend who is a builder, found the style that was same as wickes one we liked (they're called different names) ordered it through the friend and fitted it ourselves. Any trade friends who'd do you a favour?

highinthesky Thu 16-Mar-17 21:36:14

Good tip ZigZag

Bluntness100 Thu 16-Mar-17 21:37:08

It's the same company as Wickes. Just use their design service.

LagoDiComo Thu 16-Mar-17 21:48:35

Thanks for the replies. The thing is, I'm looking for a white matt kitchen but Wickes don't have any of these, whereas Howdens does

didireallysaythat Thu 16-Mar-17 21:52:48

We had a howdens designer draw up plans for us - he was a complete wally ! I'd get your design ideas sorted and then find a builder/carpenter/mate to get you a quote.

Bluntness100 Thu 16-Mar-17 21:54:06

I don't think it matters the fact it's white or Matt. It's the shape of the units, do Wickes not have the same units, albeit in different finishes? You're just looking for design.

Skooba Thu 16-Mar-17 22:03:52

I can pick up a brochure without a joiner at our local H. design it yourself on graph paper. Then ask good joiners for opinions, they will make suggestions, give further advice. And quote.

highinthesky Fri 17-Mar-17 08:04:18

I was under the impression that most design companies won't release their designs until you have signed on the dotted line and bought their sodding units?

Sorry to hijack the thread but I'd be interested to hear whether Wren kitchens are as good as they are made out to be? Is a super-hardy indestructible kitchen really required given that these days they are changed after 20 years when they look outdated?

123rd Fri 17-Mar-17 08:09:18

High, I'm guessing you haven't read the reeeeeaaallllyyy long thread about how bad wren are?? I didn't use them so can't comment but a friend did get hers from them. Don't think they were that awful to deal with but wren have had a lot of bad press.
Loads of kitchen companies give you the "cad"'type designs printed off for you to take home and look at. You end up making choices and changes.

highinthesky Fri 17-Mar-17 08:24:29

Good guess 123rd but now you've drawn my attention to it I don't need to know the detail, just that Wren is to be avoided if you want a hassle-free experience!

user1469117700 Fri 17-Mar-17 08:47:09

the howdens matt door is foil so it would be one to stay away from

ParisGellar Fri 17-Mar-17 08:49:35

Had a howdens designer draw up our kitchen plan too, he was rubbish and did everything the wrong way. Went to b&q in the end.

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