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Will I get a shower in here (pics)?

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Idefix Wed 15-Mar-17 09:01:26

Just what the title says...

The room measures 3.34m by 1.72m but narrow slightly towards window end.

Thinking I know opinion is greatly divided on this of removing bath, and having a shower enclosure put where the toilet is. Can we remove the window? Do we need planning permission. Thinking we could have no window but good extractor fan?

We will be removing the electric heater and want to replace the towel rail with a chrome one moving it further towards the door.

Thinking of having the toilet on the same wall as the washbasin.

Have tried to use ikea bath planner but it won't work on my iPad or surface pro grrrr!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, we move in in 4 weeks and dd is already lamenting how her life will be ruined without a proper shower sad

PigletJohn are there any good electric showers (pleasing on the eye would be a bonus)? Cottage has a immersion heater and hw via a backboiler. I can't seem to find much about whether to get a electric shower or one that can run from the immersion/backboiler, is there a cost implication?

Feeling overwhelmed confused

Idefix Wed 15-Mar-17 09:34:33

So overwhelmed I have managed not to post it in property/diy...have asked for it to be moved blush

Semaphorically Wed 15-Mar-17 09:38:46

Yes you could definitely fit a shower in. There are different ways to squeeze it in. Pinterest search loft bathrooms or attic bathrooms for ideas? Houzz is also good for small space loft bathroom layouts.

Semaphorically Wed 15-Mar-17 09:41:22

You could make the window look like a light feature, if you're going to have it as opaque glass anyway. Gets around shower waterproofing issues, potentially.

Idefix Wed 15-Mar-17 09:50:37

Sema I would love something like the first image but it is good to know there are options if the window can't be removed! My worry is leaving it and having damp/wet related issues. The window faces over garden and we have no neighbours that way so although it May take some getting used to showering in front of it.

Off to look at houzz smile

AgathaF Wed 15-Mar-17 10:07:07

Could the window be replaced with glass bricks?

NotMeNoNo Wed 15-Mar-17 10:26:11

Agree re remove window and replace with a good Velux over the bath.

If you want to keep the window, could you get a glass company to put a panel over it like secondary double glazing, maybe this could have an opening door (with waterproofing seals) and be like a little cabinet? Like this picture but I would get two small or bifold door that can be left neatly open when not showering.

If its a UPVC window, get the sill and opening tiled with slight slope on sill, maybe get a trickle vent installed, it will be fine and keep your shower fresh.

You can get the window panes changed for frosted glass or stick window film on for privacy (some of them are more private than others IYSWIM)

Idefix Wed 15-Mar-17 11:25:57

That looks interesting NotMe, I like the idea of storage. The window is pvc so maybe from a ventilation PoV it would be worth keeping.

We have only been in the house once and it really did not seem so small when we visited. Wondering if our budget won't stretch if we can retrofit a velux?

I have emailed a couple of plumbers to arrange a quote, are there any questions I should be asking? Going to ask for references and photos of previous installations.

I would consider glass bricks I remember a couple of glass brick Windows when I was a student.

Idefix Wed 15-Mar-17 20:01:09

Feeling very inspired by the houzz website and saved many photos to my wish list smile really hope we can budget for this.

minipie Thu 16-Mar-17 10:24:34

We have a window in our bathroom which we have covered over from the inside. From the outside it still looks like a window (albeit it's always dark behind it) but from the inside you wouldn't know it is there. There is waterproof board (Wediboard I think) covering the whole wall so no chance of water getting into the window area.

I'd suggest you do that but only if you can put in a Velux - it would be a shame to have a bathroom with no window at all.

I would be nervous about some of the other solutions suggested tbh as I think there is a high chance you'd end up with a lot of mould growing. Any cracks and crevices will be a magnet for trapped water and mould.

The best option I can think of if you want to retain that window is to get a sheet of glass (safety glass obv) custom cut to fit the entire end wall. So the whole wall is glass covered and then you seal really really well around the edge. A bit like mermaid board but glass instead. Less chance that way of water getting in and creating mould issues. However I still think it might do so over time... and it won't be cheap as basically means a custom built shower.

boobybum Thu 16-Mar-17 10:37:06

If you google 'window in shower' you will see a few images that may be of use - you can put a screen over the window.

Also, if you have a bathroom showroom near you go in and get them to do some free designs for you (then take the ideas and buy everything elsewhere for less!).

Idefix Thu 16-Mar-17 15:14:15

Minipie mould is what I dread, our home at the moment has mould above the shower despite three windows (one always open) and a humidity activated sensor directly over the shower!!

I think I could live the boarding up completely idea but agree we should probably get the velux sooner rather than later. Although I have always quite like the hotel (naice not travellodge) windowless ensuites shock going to sound weird but I find them very calming!

Booby loving the planning idea, will admit to being slightly anxious about how it will all fit. Our budget is more economy than deluxe, especially since I have priced up the cost of a water softener <weeps> So liking Victorianplum and the other similar named place.

You Vipers are great grin allaying my fears and making me think it is workable!

Any recommendations on the water softener would be fabulous.

PigletJohn Fri 17-Mar-17 00:50:45

See if there are any bargains on Plumbworld.

If you put "clearance" in their Search field, it brings up bargains.

"Architekt" is their budget line.

If you can't afford an Aqualisa shower, have a surface-mounted one with exposed chrome pipes, so it's easy to change and repair (in fact do that anyway).

Look at Bristan taps which I find very good.

Don't get a pop-up waste as it will leak.

If you are taking the bath out you will have room for a good long shower enclosure. Consider a fold-down seat.

Look at a 5-inch or 6-inch extractor if it is going straight through the wall. With a ball-bearing motor it can be quieter and more powerful than a 4-inch. This brand has built a good reputation

Idefix Fri 17-Mar-17 12:04:10

Liking plumbworld PJ, it is a good job that I am on sick leave and have the luxury of all this browsing grin.

Prepared to pay for a good shower, we have a power shower where we are and my dd will miss this. Dd has hair that is so thick that it breaks hair bobbles shock it is a nightmare to wash when we stay at gps. Hoping that the combination of a water softener and a 10.5kw shower will do the job. My only stipulation other than that is I don't want a white one (pure vanity, style over substance etc), I like the Mira sport max but it only came in white!

Currently gave a pop up waste and it is leaky rubbish so will be avoiding.

Off to read up on extractors...

PigletJohn Fri 17-Mar-17 12:54:42

you mention an electric shower. It will be weedier than a mixer. Do you have a hot water cylinder? What colour?

CountMagnus Fri 17-Mar-17 13:28:06

10.5 kw shower will be rubbish in comparison to a power shower - we had a Mira Vie 10.8 kw shower fitted when we had the family bathroom redone (replacing an older and less kw Mira Sport) and it was truly disappointing. It was rarely used (I sometimes got out of the Mira Vie colder than when I got in).

Idefix Fri 17-Mar-17 13:44:52

sad Count this is going make me sad!! I am the cold one in this house...dh chooses to have cold showers...

PJ dh is popping back to house next week so I will add photograph of immersion tank to his list!

The house is very old and limited in terms of space. The tank is in what will be our bedroom in a cupboard that extends over the staircase. Did a lot of reading about water volume and immersion heaters and it seemed to suggest we would be able to get more than two people showered (and that was pushing it) with one tankful.

But very happy to be disabused of this opinion <hopeful>

Idefix Fri 17-Mar-17 13:46:04

I do acknowledge that we have been spoke with current shower but so long our shower is better than my parents I would be reasonably content!

CountMagnus Fri 17-Mar-17 13:58:32

Our en suite had a power shower, but the pump meant that a tank of hot water was fine for three normal adult showers but struggled for two adults and a teenage boy grin. We also wore the pump out in under 3 yrs!

Maybe the Aqualisa electric showers are better?

Idefix Fri 17-Mar-17 14:07:58

They do get good reviews!
Apart from being the highest kW and not white I am easy honest!

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