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Replacing Velux - need FENSA certificate?

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SearchingforSleep Tue 14-Mar-17 09:42:03

We have an old Velux which needs replacing. It isn't a standard size any more so we are having a larger Velux put in - not just replacing like for like.

Will we need a FENSA certificate for it when we sell the house?

spydie Tue 14-Mar-17 14:37:32


We had ours replaced, due to a cock up at velux they didn't sort the FENSA cert....needless to say it came up during the sale and we had to get building control in to sign it off.

Usernamewithnodigits Tue 14-Mar-17 14:56:26

We sold our house last year with new windows that hadn't got the FENSA cert. We got them done for 1/3 of the price because our friend works for a very well known window fitting company.

Nothing was queried during the sale/purchase transaction whatsoever. We explained the situation to the purchasers, gave the new buyers the fitters contact details, they had a chat - no issues whatsoever.

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