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Shower valve minefield

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dropaheartbreakaname Mon 13-Mar-17 11:09:13

Hi, can anybody explain to me how sower valves work?

I'm having a new bathroom installed, I'm having a shower over bath. I need to buy a shower and a bath tap. I'm looking at Vado at the moment, am I correct in thinking a 3 outlet shower valve would operate a shower head, secondary shower head and a bath spout? Or is it for a shower only?

Villagernumber9 Mon 13-Mar-17 17:39:58

A 3 way outlet is, as you correctly think, for two showers and the bath.

dropaheartbreakaname Mon 13-Mar-17 21:13:23

Fabulous! Thank you!

RandomMess Mon 13-Mar-17 21:15:49

Spend the money to get a thermostatic thingy one!

It protects you from getting burnt if the pressure drops or similar.

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