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Would u buy a house to rent out in Wales?

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Molly333 Sun 12-Mar-17 17:09:38

Hi my partner has come through a divorce with no money left ( they both did not manage finances well grrr) anyways , he may well hv an inheritance soon and is considering putting it into a property to rent out therefore he can save some money again and hv something more solid to leave his children . The houses are much less than they are where he is so he could but outright. Would you think this is a good idea ? By the way he's in the south East so could never hope to buy again

TreeTop7 Sun 12-Mar-17 18:02:14

I've heard that there is a shortage of student housing in Swansea, so that may be worth looking into. My friend's daughter is in a student house share in Bryn Mill, a very popular area with students apparently. They had to beat a lot of competition to rent that house.

Cardiff is expensive - the better areas anyway. My friend is buying there currently and I know other people there too.

Cinderpi Sun 12-Mar-17 19:06:43

He'd need to know the area - it varies so much from place to place. Cardiff is normally a good bet, but some parts are definitely more rentable than others and are more expensive to buy. The cheapest houses tend to be in the Valleys, but I'm not sure he'd find good tenants easily - there are so many houses up there at £50k, there aren't many jobs and it's just a bit too far to commute to Cardiff.

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