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Matching fence paint colour

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kitchenlights Sun 12-Mar-17 12:42:28

Previous owners painted fence grey with gaps for the ivy. I've just removed the ivy, any ideas how I can match the colour? Don't particularly love it but don't have loads of time to repaint everything. Thank you..

PigletJohn Sun 12-Mar-17 13:25:20

it might be a Cuprinol Ducksback, they have a good range of colours.

If you think the previous owners are likely to have shopped at local B&Q, Wickes or Wilko, they keep a small range of own-brand colours, but they change every few years. Own brands are cheaper.

On a sunny day, you can put on two or three coats. Once the stain has cured, it has a glossy surface and new coats will not stick until it has weathered dull. You need a large synthetic brush.

Water-based waxy fence stains are the usual treatment. There are fancier treatment like Garden Shades at much higher price. You can apply a dark colour over light, but light over dark will not work as the previous colour will show through.

previously1474etc Tue 14-Mar-17 02:06:57

Have a look at Ronseal and Cuprinol garden paints, you can get tester pots to see if one of them matches. Otherwise B&Q have another range which might be their own.

It is best to get the same make as they don't always work well with each other in terms of going on smoothly.

I think the basic ranges of fence paint only come in browns and dark green and a gloomy shade of blue, the garden paints tend to be more interesting colours.

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