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Best layout for house sale?

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cashmerecardigans Sat 11-Mar-17 15:42:01

We're looking at getting out house in the market soon and I'd welcome advice as to layout/room use.
We have a 8 x 3.6m kitchen/family room space. It's split as 4m kitchen, with slate floor and 4m family space, oak floor with sofas, to etc. There's then an alcove (double door width but no actual doors) into what we use as our dining room, which is 4m by about 3.2m
The whole space runs from the front to back of the house - dining at front, kitchen at back. The family space has French doors to outside patio.
So my question is should we show it as it is or should we switch the dining and family spaces so it's more of a kitchen diner and then family room?
Our market is definitely families, I just wonder if a kitchen/diner is more what people would expect?

wowfudge Sat 11-Mar-17 16:44:55

I think you should and have what is now the dining room as a separate living room. We looked at a house which had a large sitting area in the kitchen/family space and barely enough room for the dining table and it just didn't work for us and put us off. They had actually taken space from the living room which made that very pokey and practically redundant.

heffalumpshavewrinkles Sat 11-Mar-17 17:06:01

I would want to see a kitchen diner if I was looking to buy.

Kiroro Sat 11-Mar-17 17:07:12

Do you already have a separate sitting room or is the 'super room' the only room downstairs?

Do you have a breakfast table or breakfast bar in the kitchen?

cashmerecardigans Sat 11-Mar-17 17:07:28

Thanks, we have got a separate sitting room, this is more of a space where people tend to sit if I'm cooking so they can chat. I was thinking that if we swopped it, what is our existing dining room could be more of a playroom/snug, which might be better for families

cashmerecardigans Sat 11-Mar-17 17:08:04

Sorry cross posted. Yes we've got a small breakfast bar that seats 2

cavershamtights Sat 11-Mar-17 18:09:56

Definitely swap it!

SnowGlobes Sat 11-Mar-17 19:09:49

Interesting as I don't think I would swap albeit its hard to say without photos. When eating in the dining room can you see the mess in the kitchen? If not, I'd leave it as it is as a lot of people (including me) like to be away from the messy kitchen when eating. Why can't the EAs highlight that it could be swapped over?

highinthesky Sat 11-Mar-17 19:12:26

Diagram? grin

SnowGlobes Sat 11-Mar-17 19:13:36

Couldn't the existing sofa area be used by a family to play etc especially if leadingbout to the garden? I think it sounds perfect!

cashmerecardigans Fri 21-Apr-17 17:00:28

Finally got round to doing a diagram! The floor in the kitchen is slate, the rest is oak. The weird blocky looking things are the walls- in the original plan the wall here was solid, we changed it to be open but it's a space that could fit double doors if you wanted to close it off.
So should I leave as is or move the table in to what is now the family space? Just think that people might expect to see a kitchen diner and family room.

Squirrelonwheels Fri 21-Apr-17 17:20:43

Personally I'd leave it as it is - we've been house hunting recently and have just ignored how people have got things laid out and planned what we would do. You may find the estate agent labels it for you anyway and you should make sure they say "flexible layout to suit a growing family" or something similar!

Tigerpig Fri 21-Apr-17 17:51:55

I'd leave it as it is especially as you have seats at your island. Lots of people are looking for a social kitchen space so I think it will appeal as is.

Does your agent have an opinion on the layout?

cashmerecardigans Fri 21-Apr-17 18:11:25

The agent didn't mention it, but a friend commented and it made me wonder. We just prefer it like this, but the children were teenagers when we did the house and I wonder if someone with younger children would prefer them nearer when they eat.
I may well be overthinking it though

Joinourclub Fri 21-Apr-17 18:24:31

Personally I'd prefer kitchen diner, then playroom/snug off that. My kids are little and make lots of mess so I'd like to be able to shove it out of the way. And I'm up and down from the table all the time for 'more drink mummy, more pasta mummy etc etc ' so like the table near the kitchen.

FortyFacedFuckers Fri 21-Apr-17 18:27:44

I'd definitely swap it.

housesellingrant Fri 21-Apr-17 18:39:50

Definitely swap, some people can't imagine different layouts' and some can. Therefore maximising potential buyers.
You can also mention the way you used to have it and reasons why, I like it when sellers offer advice and tips

MiaowTheCat Fri 21-Apr-17 19:15:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cashmerecardigans Fri 21-Apr-17 19:32:01

miaow thanks, a photo is a great idea. I'm sliding towards switching it to be on the safe side

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