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Viewing etiquette

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sleepdep Fri 10-Mar-17 11:50:47

Just that really!
Had a viewer yesterday that was actually going through my draws! Someone please tell me this is wrong and INBU, she also put an offer in to my face and rang the EA whilst I was sat next to her shockblush

ellesbellesxxx Fri 10-Mar-17 11:53:02

That is shocking! Did you say something?

BreatheDeep Fri 10-Mar-17 11:54:21

Why did she go through drawers?!

sleepdep Fri 10-Mar-17 11:54:57

Yes I asked her not to go through my things, she apologised then proceeded to do it in another room blush the whole viewing and situation was very very awkward

sleepdep Fri 10-Mar-17 11:56:00

I have a full width fixed vanity in the bathroom and she was looking through them and our fitted wardrobes in the bedrooms

MsHippo Fri 10-Mar-17 11:59:04

If they are fitted cupboards they will stay there for her use if she buys the house, so I think she is totally entitled to look inside and see what the configuration/state/quality is. It would be totally different if it was just a random free standing unit but for fitted units I think YABU, sorry!

Bitchycocktailwaitress Fri 10-Mar-17 11:59:09

This woman was rude as fuck but I can see why she would open these. As these are both fixtures she would have wanted to see the depth/ space in the built in cupboards.

I personally would have asked very politely for permission in this case.

What a twit!

Bluntness100 Fri 10-Mar-17 12:02:26

I think if it's a fixed unit, then effectively as you are selling her that unit you'd expect her to look in it, although personally I wouldn't look.

Putting the offer in to your face, I personally wouldn't have an issue with that.

sleepdep Fri 10-Mar-17 12:03:12

If she would've asked me I would've said yes but she wondered around on her own doing this, I was just very taken aback as nobody else had done this, she also went in every cupboard, all 9 of them not just a couple! blush it's a good job I never had any awkward things in there haha

Love51 Fri 10-Mar-17 12:04:08

Was it in a built in kitchen? I try the drawers to see if they actually open smoothly.
I insisted on proof the front door worked in this house. It's very sticky, you need a knack. So, not functional then. Wish I had tried the taps. It's a lot of money to not check the condition of the place.

BreatheDeep Fri 10-Mar-17 12:04:31

Did she just open to look at quality and size or did she go through your things? First is fine, second is weird

Love51 Fri 10-Mar-17 12:05:20

X post. Point stands tho!

sleepdep Fri 10-Mar-17 12:05:31

I don't have a problem with the face to face offer she did it because she knew I had other viewers after her but she basically wanted me to accept it there and then knowing my OH was at work and kept pushing me to answer my EAs phone call I wasn't comfortable with that, she also said 'you better let me know tomorrow if your accepting it' also knowing I have viewings today and tomorrow.
Well at least she's keen on grinhmm

sleepdep Fri 10-Mar-17 12:06:43

She had a good old root even picked out an item of my clothes and said how lovely it was! blush I couldn't wait get rid of her if I'm honest!

Thinkingblonde Fri 10-Mar-17 12:14:18

This isn't B&Q.
Is what I told someone who did the same to me after he started pulling stuff out from under the sink unit.
He said he was looking for leaky pipes.

sleepdep Fri 10-Mar-17 12:15:31

Oh I love that comment! I wish I would've thought of that grin

Kiroro Fri 10-Mar-17 12:51:38

If anything is intergrated like built in cupboards and wardrobes it is totally OK to open them to see what the size etc is like inside.

My sister didn't open all the kitchen cupboards in the house on viewing... moved in and found 1.2 of them to be dummy cupboards with a prod bit of wall behind them!!!

sleepdep Fri 10-Mar-17 13:49:31

Oh no really!? That's is very unfortunate and strange!
I do get why she did it but it would be nice to have been asked first and for her to have closed them again instead of leaving them all open when I had another viewer! 😂grin
I wouldn't have dreamt of doing it in a first viewing, second viewing maybe but I would've asked if they didn't mind first

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Fri 10-Mar-17 13:52:58

Not really on for a first viewing but I think when you have an offer accepted you expect people to investigate anything fixed a bit more.

I wish I had done that... I might not have bought this bloody falling down house angry

Notyetthere Fri 10-Mar-17 13:54:47

I think you are being slightly unreasonable. If they are built in then I assume the vendor was trying to work out how much storage space there was. I remember someone on here complaining about having moved into a house to find damp all behind the built in wardrobes and kitchen cupboards.

The making of an offer in your presence, that can only be a good thing for you. sounds like she is very keen and that puts her in a weaker position.

JT05 Fri 10-Mar-17 14:11:13

I hated viewers, an evil of having a house for sale! No way round it. We also had out fair share of rude people.
On the other hand we bought a house with a smart kitchen, only to find the doors and work tops had been replaced. Inside was ancient broken melamine! I always look now.

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Fri 10-Mar-17 14:16:15

Next viewing ask them to keep out of the wardrobe as your s&m gear is hung up in there!!

sleepdep Fri 10-Mar-17 14:16:50

Second viewing or offer accepted etc they can climb under my cupboards if that's their preference grin haha
I just didn't expect it I think that's why! Also if I had anything I wouldn't want a stranger seeing I wouldn't have had chance to move it as she is definitely the only person to have wanted to do this.
I don't even think I would've made an issue if she just said 'do you mind if I have a look in ..'

loveka Sat 11-Mar-17 15:17:18

I had someone spray the room spray in the downstairs toilet!

sleepdep Sun 12-Mar-17 13:23:39

What!!!?? That's definitely the weirdest thing I've hear, did they think it came with the house grin

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