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Has anybody replaced inbuilt shower controls please?

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RTKangaMummy Fri 10-Mar-17 00:28:32

When we bought this house the upstairs shower cubicle had the shower inbuilt into the wall with the overhead thingy coming out and also the controls but NO PIPES

The pipes were behind the tiles

Now this is the problem ........ Can the control thingy be replaced without taking all the tiles off?

We know nothing about plumbing so would get a professional in to do job but want to know how hard it is please?

Obviously we would need new controls to be bigger or same size as old ones otherwise there will be a hole in wall

Has anyone done this please?

(In the future we will be doing the upstairs shower room but have other jobs to do first)

Thank you


bouncydog Fri 10-Mar-17 06:30:22

If it's the components that need replacing then its possible for the plumber to access on ours by removing the controls and the face plate to get to the working stuff. I would think google might be your friend here in the first instance or call the technical help desk for the manufacturer and ask them.

RTKangaMummy Fri 10-Mar-17 17:46:12

Thank you for posting

The controls that are there now have broken and the on/off knob keeps falling off and needs to be held in place hence the reason it needs to be replaced

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