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Move to Bournemouth? Arrghhh

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JellyBellyBabies Tue 07-Mar-17 21:57:42

NC as possibly outing.
We currently live near Gatwick, but have moved about a bit - London for a few years and before that Bournemouth. DH commutes to London, I'm a SAHM to our 4 DCs and we're struggling, he has 4 hours commuting every day and I'm in charge of 4 DCs. We've just been down to Bournemouth to see friends and have both been wondering whether this is the right time to make a big move. We've not lived in Bournemouth for more than 10 years, so a bit out of the loop with nicer areas.
Kids are 10, 7, 4 and 2 so thinking do we go now before we have to apply for secondary and is Bournemouth even the right place? One is definitely autistic, another one may be so need to bear that in mind for schools etc.

Has anyone relocated with a big family and how was it getting them all into schools etc? I'm swinging between excitement and being terrified, but we could buy a bigger house, be near the sea and DH could set up his business nearby and be home earlier than 8pm every night. How the hell does anyone decide the best time and area to relocate to? Any thoughts on locations in Bournemouth and schools? Hoping to get them into a primary school to avoid moving them twice.
Thanks for reading, tricky to talk to anyone in RL!

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